100K Offer System by Kathryn Porritt

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100K Offer System

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The Course Size is 12.90 GB and Released in 2024

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Discover How You Can Transform Your Business with Ultra-Premium Offers

Imagine this: Every time you close a high-touch package for $10K, you are missing out on an enormous opportunity. What if, instead of settling for “high ticket,” you could leap into the realm of “ultra-premium,” charging $100K or more per client?

Welcome to the 100K Offer System 2.0, a groundbreaking approach that has empowered hundreds of coaches, consultants, and service providers to redefine their business models and unlock unprecedented revenue potential. Now, you too can harness this transformative system, meticulously updated and reworked for today’s market.

The Power of $100K Offers

Transform Your Financial Reality

Imagine the peace of mind that comes from knowing one or two sales can cover all your expenses for the year. Instead of scrambling for the next paycheck, you can focus entirely on delivering immense value to your clients. With $100K offers, money will no longer be a limiting factor in your business or your life.

Work with Amazing Clients

Say goodbye to tire-kickers and discount-seekers. Clients willing to invest $100K in your services are serious, cooperative, and deeply appreciative of your expertise. They are committed to achieving exceptional results, and they value every second of your time.

Create Your Life’s Best Work

Jumping from one client to the next hampers your ability to deliver your best. By working with a select few who are genuinely invested, you can take the time to craft extraordinary results. This is your chance to produce work that is truly transformative and impactful.

Fund Your Biggest Dreams

With the financial freedom that comes from $100K offers, you can finally pursue those big dreams and massive projects that you’ve been postponing. Whether it’s hiring a team, launching a new initiative, or expanding your business, you’ll have the resources to make it happen.

Erase “High Ticket” from Your Vocabulary

What does “high ticket” even mean? $997? $2K? $5K? $10K? These numbers were invented by gurus who want you to think small. But your life’s work—your ability to transform lives and create meaningful impact—is worth far more than these arbitrary figures.

My name is Kathryn Porritt, and I have built my career by thinking big. From taking my first business to multi-millions and becoming one of Australia’s most celebrated lifestyle entrepreneurs, to selling my business and helping others achieve similar success, I know the value of refusing to think small.

Real Success Stories

Ryll Burgin-Doyle

“1M in two offers – done! My dream of having a Family Office is accelerating into reality. In just two weeks, we’ve secured $1M in highly profitable, booked revenue with two clients at $500K each.”

Crystal… World Record Coach

“I sold a $400K offer in week one. After identifying the perfect client and having in-depth discussions, I secured at least a 150K commission, more realistically $400K plus. My world has changed!”

Tina Paterson, Consultant and Author

“I started with hand-drawn models and ugly branding. Now, I have a multi-million dollar business working with dream clients on dream projects, all thanks to Kathryn’s guidance.”

Michael Hole and Rachel Dunn, Impact Films

“We’ve landed $500K and million-dollar deals, moving from good mainstream business to super high-end film production. Kathryn and her community have opened our eyes to career-defining projects.”

Katrina Ruth, High-Performance Coach and Author

“Kathryn’s realization that the way it had always been was not the way it needed to be for me was shocking. Now, I am able to make my dreams happen with such flow and ease.”

The 100K Offer System

Here’s what you get inside the 100K Offer System:

Module 1: Your Perfect Position in the Market Discover your Iconic positioning to dominate your niche and set your own pricing.

Module 2: Your Perfect Offer Craft the perfect $100K+ offer based on your expertise and market.

Module 3: Your Ideal Ultra-Premium Clients Identify and attract your dream clients with a comprehensive “ideal avatar” process.

Module 4: Pitching Your First Offers Learn the Invitation system to get a “Heck Yes” to a conversation with your ideal clients.

Module 5: Luxury Sales System Master the luxurious and personalized sales process for ultra-premium clients.

Module 6: Luxury Marketing System Develop the perfect marketing system to attract and convert $100K+ clients consistently.

Exclusive Bonuses

When you enroll in the 100K Offer System, you’ll also receive:

The Exact $100K Offers That Are Selling NOW Training Get inspired by the latest $100K offers that are generating incredible results.

The $100K Offer System Blueprint A comprehensive workbook with the exact steps to create your own $100K offer.

14 Ultra-Premium Offers Training Explore 14 strategies to commercialize your influence beyond coaching and consulting.

BONUS Workbooks Workbooks worth hundreds of dollars to help you develop your $100K program and structure.

Total Value: $53,085

You get it all for just $497 today.

The Fastest Way to Grow a Truly Impactful Business

The 100K Offer System is not for everyone. It’s for those who know their worth, are resilient action-takers, and are willing to invest in themselves to reach their highest potential.

Your Three Options

  1. Close This Page and continue selling “high-ticket” offers, knowing you are underselling yourself.
  2. Figure It Out on Your Own, spending years and thousands of dollars experimenting.
  3. Let Me Hand You the Blueprint that has already helped hundreds create $100K offers.

Why take chances when there’s a plug-and-play system that works every single time?