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Download 10K Accelerator Program For $1500 $20

The Size is 6.13 GB and Released in 2024

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Right now, you feel overwhelmed with choice. Making money online has become a beautiful nightmare for beginners. The potential is within your grasp, but the path to your dream lifestyle feels cluttered with obstacles. You see others living exactly how you want to live—meeting up around the globe, traveling first class, living in villas in paradises like Koh Samui, Bali, Dubai, and more. It both motivates and terrifies you.

The truth is, they’ve figured out something you haven’t. It’s not about intelligence or hard work. It’s about working on the RIGHT thing. You’ve tried various methods—SMMA, dropshipping, video editing, Amazon FBA—but nothing has stuck. You’ve worked hard, but you’re still stuck, broke, and frustrated.

Introducing the $10k Accelerator Program 2.0

This program is your gateway to financial freedom. It’s designed to help you earn $10,000+ per month without the stress and hard work of starting your own business. Here’s how it works:

Phase One: Become a World-Class Operator

Ask the wealthiest people around what you should focus on to achieve financial freedom, and they’ll say time and again—your health. Once your health, both body and mind, is dialed in, you become an elite operator. You’ll have the energy and focus needed to build a sustainable and scalable income source.

Phase Two: Level Up Your Money

Learn how to make money in ways that don’t require you to learn 18 different skills. Focus on beginner-friendly income methods that reap massive rewards with little to no risk and no upfront investment. This is the phase where teenagers are making more than your yearly salary per month.

Phase Three: Expand Your Opportunities

You’re now working online, traveling the world, and making decent cash. The next step is to build your personal brand, so you can start selling your own offers. A solid YouTube channel, Instagram profile, and more will develop multiple income sources and allow you to access higher levels of success.

What You’ll Get with the $10k Accelerator Program 2.0

  1. High Ticket Sales Academy 2.0
    • Introduction to High Ticket Sales
    • How to Land Your FIRST Sales Role
    • The Fundamentals of Setting
    • Becoming an Elite Salesman
    • Deep Dive into Sales Mastery
  2. Mindset Program 2.0
    • The Essence of a TRUE Alpha
    • Abundant Mentality
    • Letting Go of Guilt
    • Energy, Nutrition & Training Programs
  3. Dating Mastery Program
    • The Fundamentals of Attraction
    • How to Act When Dating
    • FULL G’s Guide to Dating
    • How to Set a Masculine Frame
    • Sex Tips 101
  4. Sales Roles Telegram Channel
    • Exclusive supply of sales roles ready for you to apply to
    • Only available for members of the $10k Accelerator Program

Immediate Access to:

  • Custom Education Platform: 44+ video training lessons covering everything you need to earn $10k+ a month.
  • 3 Phase Video Training Course: Master your body and mind, grow your income, and build your personal brand.
  • Access to Discord Community: Ask questions, add value, and learn from others in the $10k Accelerator Program.
  • Dedicated Sales Professors: Learn directly from someone responsible for millions of dollars in sales.
  • Weekly Q&A Calls with Professor: Live Q&A calls with Conor—our high ticket sales professor with each call recorded.
  • Notion Templates & Worksheets: Many resources to help improve your results and ensure your success with our course.
  • Downloadable PDFs & Guides: Access the worksheets and guides wherever you are so you can learn on the road.
  • Exclusive Telegram Channel: Private videos, strategies, and market insights.

Success Stories from Our Students

  • John landed a role where the average setter earns roughly $7,400 a month plus bonuses.
  • Emily secured a high-quality closing role earning £200 per close (around $250). Just two closes a day, and she’s earning $15,000 per month.
  • Michael landed a role where the best closers make $30,000-$40,000/month. Even the worst closers make $10,000-$15,000/month.
  • Sarah landed a role earning 7.5% of a $12k offer ($900) from just one close. Closing one call a day, she’s earning $27,000+ per month.

Meet Your Trainer, Conor Healey

Conor is a seasoned sales professional with over $5 million in sales and has trained over 700 students. He has sold in 10+ industries and invested over $40,000 in his own sales training. Conor will be your guide, helping you improve your sales skills, answer your questions, and find high-paying jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am a beginner with sales? No problem at all. Even top sales gurus like Jordan Belfort, Grant Cardone, and Brad Lea were beginners once. This program is designed to help people of all experience levels become masters at sales.

How quickly can I expect to get results? It’s not unheard of to start getting interviews for remote sales roles a few days into this course. The more you put in, the more you get out. Dive in, complete the action steps, and you’ll soon be quitting your job and focusing solely on earning online.

How do you teach me to make money? The High Ticket Sales Academy is built on knowledge gained from over eight years in sales and responsible for over $5 million in sales. You’ll learn how to become a remote sales expert, identify top-level sales roles, nail interviews, and earn a killing.

Who is the $10k Accelerator Program for? If you’re hungry for success, desire money, and seek a life of freedom, this program is for you. It’s designed for those willing to put in the work and reap the rewards. It’s not for those looking for a get-rich-quick scheme.

Can I work this around a job/school? Absolutely. Many participants have jobs, school, or university commitments. You can dedicate a couple of hours a day and still make great progress towards quitting your job and living your dream life.

Choose Rich & Join this program

The choice is yours. One path leads to growing your online income and working remotely from anywhere in the world. The other path is filled with endless tutorials, buying courses without progress, and starting and failing multiple businesses.

There’s no nobility in poverty. Choose rich and join the $10k Accelerator Program 2.0. Unlock your potential and start living the life you’ve always dreamed of.