Walk into interactions thinking everyone loves you. Your body language will automatically send off positive energy.

Even if the person didn’t initially like you, they may change their mind.

A much better option than thinking everyone hates you.

Understand that your body communicates a lot of energy. Much more than your words.

1. Smile

Smiling makes you feel good. Smiling makes others feel good. That’s because of mirror neurons.

But don’t smile during the whole interaction. You will look fake.

I typically like to introduce myself with a smile and sprinkle it here and there in the conversation. Find your sweet spot.

2. Palms

Palms wield power. Palms give other people insights into your soul. So avoid tucking them in your pockets.

When someone sees your palms, they trust you more.

Note: Avoid Pointing. It’s a gesture that threatens someone else’s subconscious mind.

3. Eyes

Wide eyes make you look creepy. Darting eyes make you seem like you lack confidence.


Strong eye contact with a light squint gives you a gentle touch.

Breaking contact sometimes is okay. But break contact to the side, not down.

4. Tonality

It’s not what you say but how you say it.

Avoid monotone, soft voice, or aggressive tonality. Work on finding your authentic voice. I recommend reading stuff out loud and recording yourself to become more in tune with your authentic voice.

5. Personal Space

Don’t be that creepy person invading someone’s bubble when you just met them. You may not mean harm, but their primal self does not see it that way.

I can’t give you an exact distance measurement to follow since it depends on context. Use your gut.

6. Posture

Poor posture makes you look like a bum. Slouched shoulders, dragging feet, heavy ass chin… all low-energy moves.

Go to the gym and take care of your body. Your posture will be fixed in due time.

Also, try walking while balancing a heavy textbook on your head.

7. Ticks and Fidgeting

Your body language communicates your internal world to the external world. Fidgeting is your intense emotions leaking out.

The best way to fix it is by becoming consciously aware of when it is happening and fixing it on the spot.

Now, I want to leave you with two exercises to fix your body language if you have been struggling.

1. Talk in front of the mirror

2. Record yourself talking

Seeing yourself in 3rd person is a primary key that will have you feeling super confident.

You’ll see improvement in no time.

Want to know a secret? Most humans aren’t paying attention to your words. You can barely keep paying attention to the thoughts in your mind. What makes you think others are paying attention to your thoughts?

The truth is, they are not.

So it is your body that people are focusing on.

1. Humans are visual creatures

2. Humans are emotional creatures

If you want to become likable, hammer these two concepts into your mind. Luckily, body language tackles both of them.

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