No matter how many times a snake sheds its skin, it will always be a snake. Remember that before allowing certain people back into your life.

The warning signs of a snake

1. Watch how they speak about others

How they speak about others is how they speak about you when you’re not around. Remember, people who badmouth others to you will badmouth you too. Be on the lookout for their speaking patterns.

2. Observe their behavior when you get a win

Do they seem strangely quiet and a little bitter? Those are the people who are not remotely happy to see you win.

They act all friendly with you sure. But they are prone to switching up really quickly. Cut ties.

3. Has the reputation of a snake

If multiple people are saying the exact same thing about a person, then listen. These people may be warning you of what is to come.

Snakes are not only devious with you. They are devious with everyone. It is in their core.

4. Cheaters

If they show 0 integrity to their partner, what makes you think they will show integrity towards you?

Cheaters turn out to be the biggest snakes. They will slit your throat soon as the opportunity presents itself.

5. Drunk talk

Snakes tell on themselves when they are drunk. Listen carefully. Their mask is completely off. See how they are talking towards you. If they are haters while drunk, they are also haters with a mask on when sober. Know that.

6. Poor Judgment

Watch out for those friends with awful judgment. There always seem to be 2 options and they find a way to choose the wrong one.

These people are not malicious snakes. But they become snakes anyway from sheer stupidity. They share info that should be a secret.

7. Excessive free time

Too much time makes you do reckless things. They are bored so they spice up their day with drama.

A snake is often born from excessive free time. See who in your circle has 0 goals. Keep a close eye on them.

8. Observe the content they consume

Snakes often consume gossip, reality shows, and hateful content.

They are rewiring their subconscious mind and have no clue… or maybe they do. But regardless, potential snakes.

How to deal with snakes?

A snake is a character in the social dynamics world, known for backstabbing. They smile to your face and talk shit behind your back.

Snakes and haters are not the same.

You know exactly who your haters are. But you aren’t quite sure who the snakes are.

And the fact that you don’t know who they are makes the day of reckoning sting a lot more.

When you find out that you’ve been backstabbed by someone who you had love for, it hurts. You feel betrayed, disappointed, confused… and angry.

The level of anger makes your next move very complex, rather than simple.

Revenge is your untamed ego’s next plan of action for you.

Since this snake backstabbed you, you feel like the most effective move is to hurt them in some way. You use your emotions and mind to devise a plan to get your revenge.

Rather than work on your goals, you allocate most of your time towards getting them back. There is further hurt on your end. At this point, you have strayed so far from your path, that now you find it difficult to go back to your mission.

All the energy could have been used on your goals, dreams, or desires. But you gave in to the snake.

More often than not, the snake is happy that you find them so important to seek revenge. They find your efforts amusing.

So quietly burn the bridge and move on with your life. Invest all that energy back to further yourself.

The honest truth is that the older you get, the less you trust. Not the other way around.

Use betrayal as a learning moment and an opportunity to toughen up.

Snake bites sting. But it happens to everyone who steps foot in the social arena.

Just know how to deal with them rationally, rather than impulsively.

Ignoring them requires 0 time and effort on your end. And now you have made them feel unimportant like the low-level sack of shit they are.

Ignoring someone who did you dirty is one of the toughest things you can do. But the tougher it is, the more character it builds.

Take the road less taken.

In a few days, weeks, or months, once the feeling of hurt has subsided, the feeling of pride will take its spot.

Feeling proud of yourself is the ultimate way to boost your self-confidence.

So do the difficult now and reap the reward later.

You will not be disappointed.

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