The vast majority of businesses focus their efforts entirely on customer acquisition and they ignore retention.

It’s true. It’s an epidemic. Some silicon-valley startups even pride themselves on valuing their company based only on the number of new customers they acquire!

Oh, some businesses think they’re giving attention to retention, but I’ll let you in on a dirty little secret… their efforts to ‘handle’ customer retention are usually so misguided they inevitably backfire and give the business a bad reputation.

I’ll prove it to you…

I was recently invited to a roundtable discussion that included the founders of some well-known subscription service companies. The topic of retention came up, and two of the founders gleefully shared that their ‘solution’ to retention was to “hide the cancel button.” I just about spit out the water I was drinking, because I now know that thinking is so misguided! Their ‘fix’ is the exact opposite of what you should do!

Here’s the simple truth that you haven’t been told…

It’s a LOT easier to make money by KEEPING customers, rather than acquiring them.

So, with the marketing pendulum stuck in position towards customer acquisition, I created a course to help as many businesses as possible to bring the balance back to BOTH customer acquisition and retention. When those two elements are in harmony, a business sees their profits increase, customers are happier, they receive higher valuations during exit, and a host of other benefits.

Price – $990 $15

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Release Date – 2020

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