The PTM Video Series 2.0 is the sequel of PTM 1.0, the PTM 1.0 Video Series that was introduced in 2013 and was removed from the market at the end of March in 2021.
The program was updated and improved. The content of the course has increased in size. PTM 2.0 PTM 2.0 is the core Educational Program offered by ITPM which focuses on a complete Professional Trader method of operation within the U.S. StockMarket. This PTM 2.0 Video Series is the most complete trading program that retail traders can access.

The Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM) Video Series has been updated and remastered as of 2021. The course content has doubled in size. The PTM 2.0 is the core Educational Program at ITPM focusing on a full Professional Trader systematic process in the U.S. Stock Market. The PTM 2.0 Video Series is by far the most comprehensive Trading Program on the market available to Retail Traders.

Price – $3499 $12

Delivery – Mega Download Link

Size – 20.37 GB

Release Date – 2021


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