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73 clients later, I’m pulling back the curtain on:

My Agency’s A-Z Process For Scripting, Shooting and Editing CPA-melting video ads for Meta & TikTok

21 Winning Scripwriting Frameworks For UGC, VSL & Non-narrated Ads Tested On $50m In Spend

Database Of 347+ Vetted Actors and Content Creators To Save Thousands Of $$$ Wasted On Bad Talent

The NEW Way Of Producing Thumb-Stopping Hooks & B-rolls, That Will 2x Your Avg. Playtime & Cut Your Ad Costs

Step-By-Step Guide For Hiring, Vetting & Training Your In-house Creative Team, For 1/3rd Of Agencies’ Retainers

13 High-Impact Iterations To Multiply The Scale Of Your Winning Campaigns And Prevent “Creative Fatigue”

Our Creative Testing & Scaling System For Scaling To $20k/Day (and beyond…)

And a lot more to help you win…

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Module #1 Research

We’re skipping all the woo woo mindset fluff. If you want to produce a real banger campaign that scales beyond your wildest dreams – you should start with research.

In this module you’ll learn our process for message-mining and reverse engineering success from competition, that will lower the risk of your creative tests and increase the win ratio.

Module #2 Scriptwriting

If you ever had an ad that scaled and became your top performer – you already know that it all starts with a persuasive direct response script.

Here you’ll discover 5 high converting video formats (not only UGC) and 21 script writing frameworks with examples that will give you a risk-free headstart with your next batch of creatives.

Module #3 Decentralized Content Production

Right now, our space is flooded with content on how to write copy and ad scripts. But everybody seems to neglect the not-so-sexy part of the video which arguably plays a bigger role than words.


In this 5-part module I’ll let you in on a secret strategy my agency used to cut down the production costs by 65%, halve the production cycle and increase the win rate for clients.

Module #4 Post – Production

When it comes to retaining viewers’ attention and getting them excited about buying your product – editing plays an instrumental role.

This part of the program will teach you or your video editor to understand the psychology behind certain editing tactics, so your ads can get a higher avg. playtime, boss out the competition inad  auctions and get you Chad-like ROAS

Module #5 Building an In-house Team

Once you master this process yourself and uncover your first few bangers – you’ll want to scale, by outsourcing the creative operation to your team.

In this module I’ll equip you with all the knowledge, vetting checklists and job post examples to help build your very own, highly efficient in-house creative team, for a fraction of the agency cost.

P.S. Once you onboard your talent – you’ll be shocked how much of the free time you have…

Module #6 Project Management

By far – one of the most requested resources of this training.

I’ll walk you through our project management workflow that your newly hired team members will plug into and operate autonomously, producing new banger ads and tracking the performance of each creative test.

Module #7 Media Buying & Iterations

As an agency owner, having seen more than a 100 ad accounts in the last 3 years – $50M+ in analyzied ad spend allowed me to dissect long-term winning strategies from the stuff that came from Twitter’s echo chamber.

In this final module of the training – I’ll share our creative testing and scaling structures that stood the test of time and aren’t going to “die out” anytime soon + a list of 13 ideas for iterations, to help you take the winning creative from $1k/day to $20k/day.

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