Asian Efficiency – Finisher’s Fastlane [+Bonus Courses]

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Our system is the key to doing the Deep Work that will finally let you start and finish everything you need to do to accomplish your goals.
Do you feel like you’re overflowing with ideas and new opportunities, but you don’t know where to start?
We have practical steps to help you zoom out, prioritize, and work on what matters.

Here’s what you’ll get in the Finisher’s Fastlane:
– 5 Focus Hacks to boost your focus immediately – you can do these TODAY and feel the results instantly
– How to get clarity on your big goal and vision for the future
– How to organize your calendar and schedule for Deep Work
– How to prioritize your projects and tasks so you always focus on the right things
– How to organize your desk and office for optimal focus and performance
– How to find the ONE THING you need to work on – even if you have 100+ items on your to-do list right now
– The right way to politely deal with a boss or manager who disrupts your focus (and get back to your work that matters)
– How to say no without hurting anyone’s feelings, so you can firmly prioritize your focus
– How to balance multiple, competing goals from multiple sources (essential if you work in a corporate setting) – Elite only
– The power of tailored conversation, and how Brooks’s coworker used it to land a phenomenal promotion offer – Elite only

You’ll receive these focus boosters via:
– 38 videos that take you through our focus system step by step.
– Action plans to help you put the information into concrete action.
– All the presentation slides, so you can easily review the info from the videos.
– 38 transcripts, so you can read along at your own pace.

3 Bonuses Guaranteed to Boost Your Focus:
1. Procrastination Masterclass ($199 value)
Learn our 6 practical techniques for defeating procrastination, so you always get done what need to, when you need to.

2. Shiny New Object Masterclass ($199 value)
If you lose focus or get distracted easily, this ultra-specific masterclass is for you. You’ll learn how to say “no” to time-wasting apps, and how to avoid the trap of trying out to-do list app after to-do list app.

3. Focus for Parents Masterclass ($199 value)
It can be hard to focus when you’re responsible not just for yourself, but additional humans who depend on you for everything!

Huge Bonuses:

Asian Efficiency – Productivity Blueprint

Asian Efficiency – Rituals System

Price – $20

Delivery – Mega Download Link

Size – 8.07 GB

Release Date – 2017

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