How to Trade Forex Course by Bitraged

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How to Trade Forex Course by Bitraged

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The Size is 3.21 GB and Released in 2023

How to Buy?

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Want Predictable Returns of 10-30% a Month?

Look no further than Bitraged – your passport to profitable trades in forex and cryptocurrencies.

Picture yourself rising up each morning knowing that you have the skills to make a steady income from the currency pairs traded on the world’s largest financial market, Forex. Picture yourself working towards the dream of total financial independence through Forex and Cryptocurrency trading, using the cutting-edge trading course.

Simplicity with Technical Analysis

The financial markets can be intimidatingly intricate – this is what makes them such a menacing force. Yet, they are actually quite simple beneath the layers of abstraction and complexity. In our course, you’ll learn how to look through these layers and begin to appreciate the market for what it really is – a world of profit opportunities. You’ll be capable of seeing through the chaos, and by following the predictable patterns and trends that dominate the markets, you will begin to understand exactly why financial instruments behave the way they do. As a result, the act of making trading decisions will become easy and uncomplicated.

A Consistent Strategy

Anyone can get lucky. But if you want to make money consistently trading stocks, you need a strategy. We teach you a proven approach to make a full-time salary each month. Then we guide you at every step to build the discipline and skills to become a consistently profitable professional trader.

Forex & Crypto

What is one market anyway? Here at Bitraged, we give you everything you need to trade Forex and Cryptocurrency with equal levels of confidence. If you’re new to trading and want to add some diversity to your portfolio, then this is the course for you. With our training, you’ll be able to trade both markets to a very high level, always responding where the trends and opportunities lie.

How to Trade Forex Course by Bitraged

  • Introduction
  • Market Terminology
  • Which Market Should I Focus on?
  • The Power of Compound Interest
  • Technical Setup
    • How to Set Up TradingView
    • A Basic Understanding of the Core Patterns
    • The True Nature of The Market
  • Market Structure & Candlesticks
    • The Basics of Market Structure
    • The Basics of Candlesticks
    • How to Use Support and Resistance
  • Advanced Patterns
    • The Only Wave Theory That Works
    • Understanding Price Action Using Multiple Time-Frames
    • Technical Indicators – Their Place on the Chart
    • Test Your Knowledge – Basics
  • Pattern Mastery
    • Pattern Identification
    • How to Evolve Patterns
    • Patterns Within Patterns
    • When Patterns Break – The 90% Rule
    • The Highest Probability Patterns
    • When to Use Candlestick Patterns
    • Test Your Knowledge – Patterns
  • Strategic Foundations
    • Building the Foundation of the Strategy
    • How to Forecast Opportunities in the Market
    • Risk Management: The 1% Rule
    • Risk, Reward, and Profit Potential
    • Managing Trades With Stop Losses and Price Targets
    • How to Add to Existing Positions
    • How to Create and Refine Your Own Personalized Strategy
    • Valid vs. High Probability Setups – The Probable and the Possible
    • Test Your Knowledge – Strategy
  • Mindset & Psychology
    • How to Become a Consistent Trader
  • Practical Considerations
    • What to Look for in a Forex Broker
    • What to Look for in a Cryptocurrency Exchange
    • How to Filter Positions for the Week
  • Conclusion and Resources for Further Learning
  • Your Turn
    • Reversal Pattern Sniper Entry

The Bitraged Advantage

New Content

While the animals trade, so will our class: interpreters, microphones, charts, and banks of PCs breaking down while the mainstream does its stuff out of view through subterranean channels. We’ll keep writing and develop a website to keep our content as useful as possible to you and the community at large. We will also direct regular instructional videos to the highest patrons. Overall, I will do my best to accommodate our class members, responding to questions whenever they arise. We will be flexible with the material, swapping it in and out as we go along and letting participants guide our course. We will make sure that you receive all updates to the material for free.

Lifetime Access

Opening a Bitraged account gives you lifetime access to our trading course, meaning that through your own training and by tracing your progress, you can become a better trader every time you go back to the material. You’ll be rewatching your lessons for years, as this course will build up your skills and make you more efficient.

What People Are Saying

  • ‘Skeptical at first, but Bitraged really changed my life. Strategies not hard to understand and, most importantly, they work! Month after month I have returns.’ – Jessica M.
  • ‘Bitraged is the most intuitive trading program I’ve ever found. It’s great for someone like myself who is new to trading. The lessons are explained very well, but my favorite part has been the community’s input. They’ve been great in answering my questions.’ – Tom S.
  • ‘I didn’t have to buy the system more than once because it has lifetime access and regular updates.’ – Linda R.

Start Your Journey Today

If you’re ready to get started, global financial freedom awaits. There are no limits to the rewards, and an unbelievably high-end lifestyle is accessible to all. When you’re ready, Bitraged is ready. Are you ready? Start your journey today and let your journey to profits begin!