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Master Google Ads Conversion Tracking in 2024 and Beyond

If you are a Google Ads Specialist who wants to upgrade their skills and gain a competitive advantage in 2024, the most important skill to master is Google Ads conversion tracking. Conversion tracking is the linchpin of successful Google Ads campaigns, enabling you to track high-quality conversions, make data-informed decisions, and optimize for better results.

However, the environment of conversion tracking has become more challenging in recent years due to a number of obstacles, including ad blockers, privacy regulation, and data discrepancies. In this article, we will discuss the importance of advanced conversion tracking techniques and introduce a complete course you can take to master all these skills: Conversion Tracking Mastery by Bob & Miles.

The Challenges of Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking in Google Ads has been more challenging in recent years. There are a number of reasons why this is the case:

  • Ad Blockers: Many users are using ad blockers, which can prevent the tracking of conversions.
  • Privacy Regulations: Laws such as GDPR and CCPA, as well as a general trend of increased privacy awareness, create leaks in conversion data.
  • Data Discrepancies: Different ad platforms process and report data in a different way, resulting in discrepancies.

What it means is that basic conversion tracking techniques are no longer sufficient. In order to achieve the desired results, you need to go beyond the basics and implement advanced conversion tracking techniques.

Why Advanced Conversion Tracking Matters

Advanced conversion tracking is important for a number of reasons:

  • Accurate Measurement: It enables you to measure the actual business results, such as qualified leads, sales, and profit, as opposed to only surface-level metrics.
  • Better Optimization: More accurate data will result in better optimization of your campaigns, resulting in better performance and better ROI.
  • Benefit: Armed with better data, you can make better decisions and outpace those who are barely treading water with more simplistic tracking methods.

Some Examples of Key Advanced Conversion Tracking Methods

To ensure you are appropriately making the most of your Google Ads, you should be utilizing a wide variety of advanced conversion tracking methods. Some of the most important of these include:

  • Offline Conversion Tracking (OCT): Captures offline conversions to provide a complete overview of the customer journey.
  • Enhanced Conversions for Leads: Offers more advanced data for lead generation campaigns.
  • Consent Mode: Adjusts your tags to respect the choices made by visitors with respect to their consent, to fill in data gaps.
  • Profit on Ad Spend (POAS) Conversion Adjustments: Measures profit, not just revenue, to provide a less misleading indication of how well your campaigns are actually doing.
  • Server-Side Tagging: Ensures even when browsers are frustratingly making it difficult, data is still being harvested.
  • New vs. Returning Customer Data: Segregates returning and new customers for deeper insights.
  • Conversions with Cart Data: Tracks conversions based on cart data for a deeper view of how your e-commerce is tracking.

Introducing Google Ads Conversion Tracking Course

Bob & Miles have put together a comprehensive course, Conversion Tracking Mastery, that will teach Google Ads Specialists how to become masters of the advanced methods we’ve discussed in this post. This course covers basic through advanced conversion tracking so you will have the knowledge and tools you will need to succeed in 2024 and beyond.

Highlights of the Course

  • Step-By-Step Implementation: The course includes over-the-shoulder implementation videos to walk you through implementation of a range of tracking techniques.
  • Applicable to a Variety of Accounts: The teachings are applicable for Ecom, Lead Gen, and SaaS accounts, so are applicable to a range of client types.
  • Bonus Resources: The course includes email templates complete with instructions as to how to technically implement, that you can send to developers.

Who Should Do The Course?

Conversion Tracking Mastery is for Google Ads Experts who have some knowledge of conversion tracking and would like to learn it and execute basic and advanced techniques. Fits for freelancers, in-house teams, and agency experts.

Who Shouldn’t Sign Up?

Not for complete beginners and doesn’t aim to be a full Google Tag Manager (GTM) course as well. Doesn’t cover API implementations or custom platforms, so not so useful for developers.

Success Stories

Many PPC experts have already taken it and found it useful to use Conversion Tracking Mastery. Below are some testimonials:

  • Geert Groot, Freelance Google Ads Expert: “Conversion Tracking Mastery gave me a clear understanding of how to set up my tracking the right way. From basic do advanced techniques, Micro to Macro, and how to measure real results instead of just spammy leads.”
  • Lol Lowe, Freelance Google Ads Expert: “I’ve spent a lot of time (and money!) on various courses, but none could clearly explain the steps you need to take to implement gold-level conversion tracking. This course covers every useful tracking technique and explains why you need to implement it.”
  • Anthony Jewett, Director of Marketing & Advertising @ Scorpion Internet Marketing: “Conversion Tracking Mastery has made me more confident in my data and skills. By enriching our data, we can now optimize better!”

What’s Included in the Google Ads Conversion Tracking Course

  • Module 1: Tracking Best Practices
    • Overview: Learn why proper tracking is so important and what challenges we face.
    • Measurement Maturity Models: Understand different levels of tracking maturity for Ecom, Lead Gen, and SaaS accounts.
    • Conversion Tracking Basics: Learn basic tracking techniques that can be implemented and when to use them.
  • Module 2: Measure More Conversions
    • Enhanced Conversions: Learn how to configure enhanced conversions to enable more data collection.
    • Consent Mode: Set up consent mode to take care of user privacy and still be able to collect your data.
    • Server-Side Tagging: Make sure you still collect data despite restrictions posed by browsers.
  • Module 3: Measure Real Business Results
    • Offline Conversion Tracking: Set up OCT to track offline conversions and include them in your online data.
    • Profit Tracking: Track profit instead of just revenue to get a more accurate overview of your campaign’s profitability.
  • Module 4: Enrich and Correct Your Dataset
    • New vs. Returning Customer Data: Identify new versus returning customers to understand their behavior better.
    • Product-Level Sales Data: Configure the tracking of product-level sales data to gain a more granular understanding.
    • Data Corrections: Clean your dataset using conversion adjustments and data exclusions to filter out bad data.

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Unlock your greatest competitive advantage for 2024 and beyond by mastering advanced Google Ads conversion tracking techniques. Enroll in Conversion Tracking Mastery now for €199 (VAT may apply). The course offers lifetime access and all future updates, so you’ll always be up to speed on changing Google Ads developments.

With Conversion Tracking Mastery, you can measure more, optimize better, and drive real business results. Don’t let this opportunity slip to multiply your value as a Google Ads Specialist. Enroll today and take your first step towards mastering Google Ads conversion tracking.