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When I was starting out, I would have killed for a course that showed me how to reliably get press coverage for my business. One that gave me:

#1: A Proven System

A street-tested approach for getting press mentions and features on top-tier news sites and industry blogs. A system that got results no matter what kind of business I was in. And one that held my hand through every single step of the process.

#2: Actionable Techniques and Strategies

Proven strategies that I could use to get “quick wins” within days.Strategies that were detailed and easy to follow. That way, all I needed to do to get press coverage was execute the steps laid out in front of me.

#3: Expert Guidance

Answers to all my questions before I had to ask them. How do I create something that will get news sites to write about my business? How do I find journalists that will cover me? What do I include (and not include) in my pitch? How do I outsource this system… and scale it up? Case studies, real-life examples, and checklists for everything. I never need to start from scratch again. I’ll always have helpful templates, scripts, examples, and detailed worksheets I can refer to.

#4: A System That Scales

Material that scales with me as I grow. For example, specific strategies that I can use to get my first mention in the press — along with advanced techniques to get 10, 20, or even 100 major media mentions and features each month. The good news is, I’ve included every step of this system in a new course that will show you how to build your own PR machine.

  • My complete step-by-step PR system
  • All of the templates, tools, strategies and the full set of beginning-to-advanced PR tactics
  • All of the strategies I use to get press coverage for my business
  • How to start from scratch — or scale up your PR efforts — in record time
  • Plus extensive case studies, detailed teardowns and more

All of it packaged together in my all-new flagship course.

Introducing Get Press Every Month

Join Get Press Every Month today. Give me 8 weeks, and I’ll show you how to create newsworthy content pieces, find relevant journalists, send pitches, and launch successful PR campaigns from scratch. In other words: I’m going to give you the exact strategies, frameworks, tactics, templates, and benchmarks that we use to get on-demand press coverage. So whether you’re completely new to PR … or you want to get even more press coverage for your online business, I’ll show you exactly how to do it.

How Get Press Every Month Works

Get Press Every Month walks you through my step-by-step system for getting press coverage in record time.

Price – $1997 $10

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Size – 11.59 GB

Release Date – 2019

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