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Affiliate Marketing Boss Bootcamp

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Are you tired of the endless grind and empty promises of overnight success? Are you ready to transform your financial future and achieve true freedom? If so, you’re in the right place.

My name is Chad Bartlett, and for nearly five years, I’ve been navigating the unpredictable seas of online marketing. What began as a side hustle in my mom’s guest room during my college days at Santiago Canyon College has evolved into a multimillion-dollar venture. I was once a broke college student, just like many of you might be today, but through perseverance and innovation, I turned my situation around.

But this isn’t about me. This is about you and how you can achieve the same, if not greater, success.

Introducing: Affiliate Marketing Boss Bootcamp

I’ve always believed in pushing boundaries, testing new strategies, and finding faster, more efficient ways to succeed. Today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to the cutting-edge concept I’ve dubbed AMB—a revolutionary approach that’s easier and more effective than anything you’ve seen before.

Why This Matters to You

You might be skeptical, thinking, “Is this just another marketing gimmick?”

Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve tried every method under the sun:

  • Starting a YouTube Channel: Time-consuming and takes years to gain traction.
  • Running Ads: Requires a hefty budget and fierce competition against pro marketers.
  • Starting a Blog: Slow to build momentum and profitability.
  • Instagram Theme Pages: Hardly scalable and takes months to yield results.
  • Facebook Profile Selling: Inefficient and slow.
  • Bonus Reviews: Hit-or-miss with only a 3% success rate.
  • Solo Ads: Often low-quality leads and rarely profitable long-term.

Each of these strategies, while potentially effective, demanded immense time and resources before seeing significant returns. Then, I discovered a method that broke all the rules—a method that didn’t require any initial investment, started generating income within weeks, and worked across multiple niches.

I Cracked the Code: You Can Too

Imagine being like Jaque, who went from zero income to over $5,000 per month in less than a year, or Adam, who consistently earns significant commissions using these strategies. These aren’t isolated cases. With Affiliate Marketing 3.0, people are achieving financial freedom faster than ever before.

What is AMB?

It’s about creating an ecosystem of mini digital assets that generate passive income streams every month. But don’t just take my word for it. I meticulously tested this method by starting three mini businesses in different niches:

Mini Business #1 – Health/Fitness

  • Income: $2,000 – $3,000/month
  • Method: Promoting health-related products for commissions
  • Time: Achieved $100/day in just 2 months
  • Scalability: High, with minimal daily maintenance

Mini Business #2 – Apps/Surveys

  • Income: $3,000 – $4,000/month
  • Method: Promoting app surveys for commissions
  • Time: Achieved $100/day in 3 months
  • Scalability: High, with minimal daily maintenance

Mini Business #3 – MMO/Side Hustles

  • Income: $5,000 – $10,000/month
  • Method: Promoting a software company for recurring commissions
  • Time: Achieved $300/day in 6 months
  • Scalability: High, with no initial cost and minimal daily maintenance

The trend is clear: each business generates income through affiliate marketing and requires minimal daily effort to maintain and scale.

This Course is Changing Lives Globally

Every day, I receive messages from people who’ve made their first sale, reached their first $100 day, or even their first $1,000 day using this method. The results speak for themselves, but don’t just take my word for it—see the success stories flooding my inbox.

The 8-Week Affiliate Marketing Boss Bootcamp

In just 8 weeks, you’ll receive step-by-step training on building a successful Affiliate Marketing 3.0 business from scratch. Here’s what we’ll cover:

Week 1: The Affiliate Marketing 3.0 Ecosystem

  • Learn how to build a full-time business online.
  • Discover new traffic sources to make your first sales quickly.
  • Build a massive digital empire of mini brands for long-term commissions.

Week 2: Automated Affiliate Funnels

  • Set up an affiliate marketing funnel that works on autopilot.
  • Create high-converting opt-in pages and bridge videos.
  • Get your funnel personally reviewed on weekly calls.

Week 3: Email Automation

  • Use email marketing to build trust and generate sales.
  • Access my proven email templates and formulas.
  • Set up automated emails to nurture leads.

Week 4: TikTok Traffic

  • Learn how to make quick sales with simple, easy-to-create videos.
  • Get my framework for content that converts to leads and sales.
  • No need to show your face or have guru-level results.

Week 5: YouTube Traffic

  • Generate thousands of high-quality leads from YouTube.
  • Full tutorials on creating a successful YouTube channel from scratch.
  • Learn how I made over $10,000/month with less than 10K subscribers.

Week 6: Facebook Groups

  • Increase sales and gain trust with your audience through Facebook groups.
  • Get my framework for running a successful group in less than an hour per week.
  • Transform your personal profile into a high-converting affiliate funnel.

Week 7: Profile Funnels

  • Turn your Facebook profile into a sales machine.
  • Perfect for those who prefer not to create videos.
  • Use it to promote high-ticket products and software.

Week 8: Paid Strategies

  • Scale your income from $10k to $30k/month.
  • Learn my paid strategies, including advertising, outsourcing, and buying mini brands.
  • Enjoy more time freedom while making more money.

Exclusive Bonuses Worth $3,979

To ensure your success, I’m including 8 FREE bonuses:

  1. 1 Year of Mentorship with Chad: Live weekly calls, business audits, and unlimited 1-on-1 priority email support.
  2. 60% Commissions for Life on AMB: Earn $600 per sale with an advantage over other affiliates.
  3. Unlimited Access to Lead Boss Pro: 150+ pre-built funnels in 25+ niches.
  4. Weekly Assignments Personally Reviewed: Never feel left hanging with weekly assignment reviews.
  5. The Theme Page Hustlers Course: Learn to buy, grow, and flip theme pages for passive income.
  6. The Advanced Methods: Full modules on advanced affiliate tactics never shared publicly.
  7. The Affiliate Boss Blueprints: Blueprints of real people making $10k/month with exact traffic sources, funnels, and emails.
  8. Private Community: Exclusive access to a community of like-minded individuals.

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