The Ultimate Charisma Bundle

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How to Buy?

#1 Vanessa Van Edwards – People School

The only science-based interpersonal communication training for top performers. Rapidly build trust, communicate assertively, and stand out from your peers in every interaction.

#2 Charlie Houpert – Charisma University (2023)

Charisma University is a 6-week step-by-step program designed to give you all the tools you need to take your charisma to the next level.

It’s over 10 hours of the best training material available.

This isn’t fluffy theory stuff either like you might get in a book. You’ll get real, ready-to-use tools that you can begin to implement immediately so that each week you’re seeing massive strides.

You’ll also get an actionable, step-by-step guide so that you know how to integrate everything you learn into your daily life. You’ll basically have the exact formula to learn Charisma On Command.

#2 Chase Hughes – The Confidence Reboot Program

This course is a new addition to the bundle.

Are you tired of feeling self-doubt and insecurity holding you back from achieving your goals and living a fulfilling life? Renowned life coach, motivational speaker, and author Chase Hughes has the solution. His Confidence Reboot Program is a comprehensive guide to self-discovery and personal development, designed to help individuals overcome the root causes of low confidence and build a more confident and fulfilling life.

#3 ArmaniTalks Collection

Are you currently struggling to express your ideas with clarity?

In your mind, the ideas make sense. But by the time you have to articulate your points, that’s when the message becomes messy.

The inability to express your ideas is making it difficult to showcase your expertise & monetize your skills.

Does this sound familiar? If so, keep reading on.

Communication skills are a skill set

A skillset is anything that can be learned practiced and mastered.

All you need is the desire to learn & the right tools to get started.

This bundle gives you the essential tools to express your ideas with clarity and confidence.

#4 Modern Man – The Ultimate Guide to Conversation

How to talk to women in a way that makes them want you sexually and romantically. Unique, attractive, and enjoyable ways to start conversations with women, keep conversations going, and keep them interested.

#5 The Harvey Specter Guide – Art of Verbal War

The Harvey Specter Guide is a one-of-a-kind course on HOW TO WIN BIG IN LIFE.

In The Harvey Specter Guide, you will install New York City’s best closer mindsets, body language, verbal skills, and strategic thinking into your own DNA.

The skills and secrets you will learn in The Harvey Specter Guide are worth potentially millions of dollars to you. This is no joke. These are skills that all badass men (such as Harvey Specter) possess in spades to succeed in whatever field they have decided to be in.

#6 Verbal Domination: The Weapons of Verbal Combat

 You will learn:

  • Framing and frame control;
  • Psychological warfare techniques;
  • How to identify, hone in on, and verbally attack your opponent’s weaknesses;
  • Over TWENTY-ONE devastating, time-tested, and easy-to-implement verbal techniques/formulas (aka weapons) that allow you to dominate and win verbal confrontations; and
  • All that and so much more about the art of verbal warfare.

#7 Jason Capital – Power Speaker Academy

I’ve just “spilled the beans” and given you everything there is to know about the ONE Skill Side-Hustle used by all of the Top 100 Internet Millionaires… And how you can make a $250,000 income on the side with it…starting today.

You could take the intel I’ve just handed to you…and figure everything out for yourself. Sure, it would take hundreds of hours studying other Power Speakers… transcribing their webinars… trying to reverse-engineer the thousands of different videos and talks they publish every year…and perhaps making mistakes along the way. Or…. You could get mentored personally by me and let me show you everything. The choice is now yours to make. This brings me to the reason I’m writing you today. Introducing… Power Speaker Academy.

#8 Kevin Hogan – A Course in Metaphors

You’ll learn how to create impactful metaphors to teach and persuade people.

#9 Richard Bandler – Charisma Enhancement

What Charisma Enhancement Techniques Will I Learn? :

  • Elicit the Emotional States in Your Audience that Keep Them Resourceful
  • Use Nested Loops to Get That Information In Their Brains
  • Use Your Body Language to Chide, Flirt, Anchor, Communicate Authority When Necessary
  • Use Humor Appropriately and Learn Why It’s Important
  • Control the Crowd
  • Put the Heckler in a More Resourceful Space
  • Use Your Own Energy in Your Presentations
  • Handle Questions Smoothly and Elegantly

#10 Kevin Spacey Teaches Acting

#11 Aaron Marino – Alpha Man Style Tips

Aaron Marino of Alpha m. is giving you tips that will instantly improve your style.

This easy-to-follow guide literally walks men through every aspect of personal grooming, wardrobe selection, dressing your body type, and much more; taking the guesswork out of creating the man you long to be. Marino’s exquisite insight has helped countless men improve their image by giving them the necessary tools needed to succeed in today’s world – a world with high standards and fierce competition.

#12 Jason Satterfield – Boosting Emotional Intelligence

Professor Jason M. Satterfield of the University of California, San Francisco, explains in the 24 informative half-hour lectures on Boosting Your Emotional Intelligence.

EQ is an invaluable ability that can be learned, practiced, and used with positive results.

#13 RSD Jeffy – Charisma Mastery

The 8 Social Skill Boosting Steps That WILL Make You The MOST Charismatic Person In ANY Room…

Giving You An Unfair Advantage In EVERY Conversation…

I Will Reveal The Truth About Human Connection That Will Accelerate Your Success & Help You L.I.V.E The Life Of Your Dreams… But Only IF You Take Action TODAY…

Learn & Hone The Skill Of Charisma And Become Irresistible…

Walk into any room and start conversations effortlessly…

Become the center of any interaction… without trying. Connection isn’t about “tricks” or “hacks”… it’s about establishing a relationship with someone in a REAL and AUTHENTIC way…

The first step to any truly successful connection is Charisma.

Charisma is defined as a magnetic charm or appeal.

When you have the spark, pizzazz, X factor, “IT”…

People naturally WANT to be around you. They want to listen to what you have to say. Share experiences with you. Connect you with others…

People crave being around Charismatic people.

#14 Chase Hughes – The ‘IT’ Factor

For success to happen, we need four things: (Rich Guzzi)

1. Skill – How indispensable are your skills?
2. Marketing – How effectively can you sell those skills?
3. Outsourcing – How good are you at delegating duties you aren’t good at?
​4. The ‘It-Factor’ – Intangible magnetism (until now)

The hardest trait to develop, and often the most elusive, is the ‘it factor’ – hard to define, but easy to spot. 

The ‘it factor’ or ‘X-Factor’ as some refer to it, is a magnetic presence that draws people in wherever they go.  They usually have unusual calmness, confidence, assertiveness, dominance, authenticity, and focus, and almost always possess superb conversational and verbal skills.

It’s why we vote, who we read about, who we follow, and often how we spend our money. The ‘it factor’ person is able to create a bubble around them, enveloping and capturing the focus, attention, and admiration of people in their presence.

#15 The Confidence Reboot Program

What you get:

  • Limiting Belief Eliminator Masterclass – NOT PREVIOUSLY RELEASED TO ANYONE Except Chase’s Inner Circle (Value $397)
  • Adopt World Class Behaviors with the Imprint Switch Method (Value $397)
  • Ultimate Confidence Entrainment Series (Value $97)
  • BONUS Confidence Masterclass w/ MASTER Hypnotist Marczell Klein (Value $197)

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