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Price – $399 $20 [Limited Time Offer]

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Size – 5.35 GB

Release Date – 2021

How to Buy?

I launched the original SEO Side Hustle over 2 years ago now, with the intent of teaching anyone how to make money with SEO without the course costing thousands of dollars… And I can happily say I achieved that for the over 3,000 customers that bought it.

However, the original eBook only ever really taught people how to build affiliate and ads websites in gold mine niches, when actually there are dozens of different business models you could use to make a very good living in SEO.

So, SEO Side Hustle 2.0 was created. A new video version that still teaches my modern style of doing SEO, but also gives you access to different, proven business models that might be more suited to your lifestyle and characteristics.

Who Am I & What Do I Know About SEO?

I’m Charles Floate and I’ve been doing SEO for 14 years, including 10 years of running my own companies in the space.

I started out managing a website for my mom to keep her from getting hustled for a lot of money by some “SEO expert”.

Since then, I’ve done SEO all over the world, and for the past 5 years, I’ve resided in Chiang Mai, Thailand – The SEO capital of the world.

From here, I’ve been able to grow my reputation as one of the world’s best SEO consultants, as well as:

  • Sold TWO Agencies For High Six-Figure Deals
  • Train & Developed Several of The World’s Best Self-Employed SEOs (James Gregory, Jack Vivian, Rohit Palit, Edward Rostron, Keval Shah, and many more)
  • Been Part of or Directed Thousands of Successful SEO Campaigns
  • Worked With Hundreds of Businesses & Agencies To Increase Their International Traffic & Revenue
  • Sold SEO Training & Courses To Over 20,000 Customers

There are definitely worse people you could be learning from, but few that would give you the level of information I am at this price.

The reality for most people reading this is simple:

The cost of this course ($399) will be nothing in comparison to how much you’ll learn, the skills you’ll develop, how much you’ll make, and the money you’ll save from the mistakes I made along the way…

Could You Figure This Out On Your Own?

Sure! Everything I teach in this course (With the exception of my own personal experiences) can be found all over the internet, the problem is that it’s mixed in with a lot of information that’s:

  • Outdated – Google is constantly rolling out updates. What worked even 12 months ago has changed. I’ll teach how to detect and adapt to any changes in the search algorithm with my future-proofed style.
  • Incorrect – A lot of people just reguitate what other SEOs have said, not actually testing it for themselves.. This leads to a LOT of incorrect information becoming mainstream thought in the SEO community.
  • Scattered – Not only is this information scattered around the internet, but even if you were to spend all of your valuable time looking for it, you don’t know how to best make it work together to give you the best returns and generate maximum traffic and profit.
  • Dangerous – There are a lot of tricks that will get you traffic and boost your site’s ranking, but only until Google catches you. “Black Hat SEO” is top-level stuff and if used by people with no experience, it will get their site buried by Google – The exact opposite of what you’re trying to do.

I know what works right NOW, and what does not, but even I started out knowing nothing.

Fortunately for you, this course saves you the years of stumbling around and listening to nonsense that I and many others went through to get a real understanding of how this all works and more importantly, how to make money with it.

What’s New In 2.0?

Literally, everything!

1.0 was a singular eBook that covered everything from what SEO was to how to get the most out of selling your website. In 2.0, I’ve dedicated an entire video course to teaching you how to do SEO but also the vast amount of opportunities that there are in the industry – Opportunities that have made dozens of my students millionaires, and allowed even more of them able to live a location and financially independent lifestyle.

This might sound like a get-rich-quick scheme, but it’s anything but that… SEO will take time and input, and you won’t be a millionaire next month, maybe not even next year – It took me 5 years of grinding to get there, but with my teachings, you can cut a LOT of the corners I bashed into.

What Will You Learn Inside SEO Side Hustle 2.0?

I’m going to teach you:

  • The SEO Glossary of Terms. The hardest thing I’ve found beginners struggle with is understanding the terminology we use in SEO, so I put together a nearly hour-long video explaining all the words I use in the course.
  • A COMPLETE Introduction To SEO. You’ll be going from nothing to having a complete understanding of not only what SEO is, but how to actually do it within just 4 hours.
  • The Business Model Options You Have. There are a lot of different opportunities in SEO, so I take you through all of the best business models you could use to make a part-time living.
  • My Affiliate SEO EMPIRE. I’ll teach you how I build affiliate sites that generate thousands of dollars per month with minimal input, as well as go through some real examples of sites worth millions of dollars.
  • The Agency / Freelance SEO Model. Don’t want to build your own sites or spend money? I’ll teach you how to be a one-man band or even build an outsourced agency that can run client campaigns in your extra hours.
  • THE E-Commerce SEO Model. Build your own business, have boxes taking up your living room, and try to build the next Amazon! In this presentation, I’ll show you how to do E-Commerce SEO and how you can set up the infrastructure to run it without your 24/7 attention.
  • Design Your Sites To Convert Like CRAZY. I’ll show simple design tricks you can do with the visuals of your site to make people subscribe, enroll, buy, or signup. Any action you want them to take, this part of the guide teaches you how to design your site to do JUST that.
  • Get FREE Niche Relevant Backlinks. Quality backlinks are the lifeblood of your website’s ranking on Google and will determine how much traffic you get. I show you what I’ve learned about getting people to link to your site – Without spending a dime.
  • How To Scale For CHEAP. After you’ve had your first success, you need to learn how to repeat it and put it on display so you can build multiple streams of revenue… I’ll teach you how to scale your success without slowly killing yourself.

The above list barely scratches the surface of what’s really inside SEO Side Hustle 2.0, there are a TON of other tips, tricks, and golden nuggets throughout the videos in this course.