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Email Copy Academy Course

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The Course Size is 76.51 GB and Released in 2024

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Picture doubling your client base, halving your writing time, producing powerhouse email copy in minutes, making more than most doctors and lawyers… and never working up a sweat. Isn’t there a catch?

Of course, I’m pitching is the Email Copy Academy by Chris Orzechowski and Kevin Rogers.

It’s a … well, it’s the pre-eminent copywriting training for email marketing anywhere on the planet. And now it’s turbocharged using bleeding-edge artificial intelligence expertise.

The Power of AI-Enhanced Email Copywriting

Take Email Copy Academy+AI – it’s unlike any other AI tool in the market. From our Marketing Lab, we honed a system designed to allow any copywriter to start writing confident, high-converting, ‘done for you’ automated email copy in minutes. With AI-supported copy frameworks, you can have an ‘80% done’ email in minutes, all you need is your magic creative dust to send out another winning campaign.

In other words, AI will never replace you. It will augment you. You will not be forced to navigate through a gauntlet of half-baked gestures, each requiring a paywall to a special clue. Nor will you have to download any one of a thousand different software programs (or tech skills for that matter): you can simply be the kind of creative email strategist you already want to be. AI will be there to make it happen.

The Only Email Copywriting Course You’ll Ever Need

As stressful as it is to send an email to your list, Chris has made millions, created a seven-figure digital product and coaching business, and he has some of the best ecommerce and digital product brands on the planet as clients, including his own company, His warts-and-all, ‘I’ve been there’ approach will make whatever you choose to do with your mailing list far more profitable. Kevin ‘ Copy Chief’ Rogers and Chris ‘The Email Copywriter’ O have created more million-dollar funnels together than they can count.

Email Copy Academy is the bible for email copywriting. No matter what market you’re writing for or what offer you’re pitching, the email campaign frameworks inside ECA will work with every single selling scenario. A-list copywriters use Chris’ frameworks, formulas, and email templates to plan and write their emails.

It isn’t a flavour-of-the-month method or a back-door hack; it’s a system for writing emails that build belief and sell your stuff. And that’s why Copy Chief’s email-training-program — run by you-know-who — brought Chris’s Email Copy Academy in-house to boost it with ECA.

AI-Powered Email Frameworks That Work

You’d then write thousands of emails and fight to get the results. From these crucible sessions would emerge 14 types of emails with consistent big wins. These are the core of the new artificial intelligence-powered Email Copy Academy. All Chris has learned is distilled into reusable patterns for whatever your market, whatever your niche, whatever your industry. Within these patterns, with our artificial intelligence-powered tools, you will never have to start at the blank page again. Instead you will be able to produce a decent draft in any number of minutes, and you will be able to halve your writing time.

These paradigms and AI tools enable you to immediately leap-frog to expert level, where you too can whip up blockbuster email campaigns in no time, work less, make more, and develop your business. This is also a product you can sell, thus adding more clients – and better servicing them faster and easier.

Transformative Bonuses to Accelerate Your Success

When you purchase Email Copy Academy, you’ll have access to the core curriculum, of course. But also to a long list of value-added bonuses that will help you level up your skills as an email copywriter and catapult your progress.

Bonus #1: 30 Day All-Access Pass to Copy Chief

Email Copy Academy guarantees you’ll start seeing results after 30 days – or you get your money back. After you complete Email Copy Academy, you get access to Copy Chief for a full 30 days. That includes the trainings (both live and recorded), the community, access to the Copy Chief job board (the #1 job board in the world for copywriters, with the best clients), and a special forum inside Copy Chief where you’ll interact with other alumni of the program as well as the coaches.

Bonus #2: 30 Days of Access to the Email Copy Academy Private Coaching Club

You get ‘lifetime email access’ to Chris, his mentors and course mavens, meaning you can contact them at any time to have your effort graded or questions answered. This is a wonderful way to ramp up your experience as a copywriter for emails, and find out what is currently working at getting you an email copywriting client.

Bonus #3: 6 Insider Email Secrets Bonus Videos

Watch Chris answer common questions and dissect his advanced strategies and tactics during these Q&A coaching sessions … You get to be behind the scenes of a $10-million-a-year email copywriter.

Bonus #4: “Million Dollar Email Sequences” Bonus Training with Chris Orzechowski

Chris shows step by step how to create your record-breaking email campaigns – using his proven system for campaign architecture planning. You’ll learn how to sequence the emails to create a smooth campaign flow, that will help you convert more prospects into sales, while leaving nothing on the table.

Bonus #5: “How to Grow Your Biz Without Going Insane: The Small List Strategy to 7-Figures and Beyond” Bonus Training

Here’s the secret on how Chris became a lone wolf freelancer to a 7-figure business owner. Also, he teaches his ‘small list strategy’ to help you build a copywriting career facilitating longevity and scalability in your ROI and revenue, all without killing yourself.

What You’ll Learn in Email Copy Academy

Module 1: Super Simple Email Marketing 101

  • Choose the right email software for your business
  • Use email software without getting confused by tech
  • Segmenting 101
  • Keep your list healthy and engaged
  • Market research that reveals everything about your market
  • Unlimited email ideas worksheet
  • Create irresistible lead magnets

Module 2: The Anatomy of Emails That Sell

  • Psychology behind emails that sell
  • 12 rules for profitable email marketing
  • 10+ subject line formulas
  • 14 highest converting email formulas
  • Emotionally compelling story formula
  • Advanced storytelling tips
  • Copy breakdowns of multi-million dollar campaigns

Module 3: Email Strategy

  • Different email strategy models
  • Avoiding the spam box
  • Writing broadcast emails that sell without needing scarcity
  • How often to email
  • Writing effective autoresponders
  • Campaign mapping
  • Broadcast and autoresponder email copy and strategy breakdowns

Module 4: Big-Money Launches

  • Four stages of every launch campaign
  • Gathering feedback for future launches
  • Writing successful product launch campaigns
  • Adapting emails for any kind of launch
  • Super-successful email launch sequence breakdowns

Module 5: How to Get Email Copy Clients

  • Get a paying client fast
  • Find and attract dream clients
  • Four best methods of lead generation for copywriters
  • Networking without feeling awkward
  • Becoming the go-to copywriter
  • Attracting clients with content

Module 6: Closing The Deal & Delivering Results

  • Getting clients to apply for the privilege of speaking with you
  • Mentally preparing for sales calls
  • Word-for-word sales call script
  • Closing deals and getting paid the same day
  • Pricing your email copywriting services
  • Delivering a dream come true experience for clients