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Katie Yeakle here, about to let you in on the motherlode. No, not another course, either. It’s the self-same method taught by legendary copywriter Clayton Makepeace — one that had every single one of his protégés become some of the highest-earning, award-winning copywriters of our time… and still offers the surest path to success and stratospheric income for copywriters today.

Clayton doesn’t need any introduction if you are familiar with our world. But for those who don’t know him, I’m going to give you a brief rundown. Since 1995, Clayton Makepeace has pocketed in excess of $20 million in fees and royalties for his work.

In short, when Clayton Makepeace wants to share one of his success secrets with you, it’s wise for you to listen. Today, Clayton tells you how to leverage the power of one of the smartest and most profitable tools in copywriting: Video Sales Letters (VSLs)… a tool that will easily double your income; make you easily more credible; build your reputation as an in-demand copywriter.

The Unstoppable Power of Video Sales Letters

Hello, I’m Clayton Makepeace. I’d like to offer you an even exchange. I’d like to show you how to double your income, instantly. What do you say?

I thought so.

And the secret for this fast increase in income is… Video Sales Letters, three little words.

I’ve been running those splits for years, splitting a static sales page against an asynchronous, monologic VSL for the same product, with the same theme, even with related copy, and the VSL wins every time hands down. I mean, that’s 2.5 times as many orders from the same traffic source. It’s 2.5 times as many royalties for me. For you.

Not only do VSLs make for better copy but, as it turns out, they’re far more effective than standard ad copy. They’re one of the future ways online sales will be made, and on the uptick. Per the eMarketer: online video ad spending in 13 local markets totalled $1.8 billion in 2012, up 41 per cent over 2011. Consumers are more than twice as likely to use videos to make a purchase decision, compared with online-only text ads.

Introducing The Makepeace Method for Writing VSL

In fact, I’ve even created a comprehensive program called The Makepeace Method for Making a Fortune Writing Video Sales Letters that will teach you everything you need to know to create amazing VSLs and transform your career. Here’s what you’re going to learn…

Session One: Attract Million-Dollar Clients

In this session, you’re going to discover how to acquire highly creative and talented clients. They’ll be the people you enjoy working with, the people who gladly reward you for your contributions, and those who pay you well for them. In this session, you’ll learn how to acquire creative and talented clients.

  • My foolproof 5-step process for finding ideal clients.
  • A simple 10-step process for landing these clients.
  • The 7 key questions to ask to position yourself as an indispensable asset.

Ever dream about it? With my VSL method, this is what you can create, a dream-list of clients willing to trust you, to respect your work, and to pay you what you are worth.

Session Two: Crafting Winning VSLs

This session dives into the nitty-gritty of creating a successful VSL. You’ll learn:

  • A simple two-step system to write a VSL in as little as two days.
  • How to add credibility to your VSL with quotes, charts, and third-party information.
  • The 3 basic things to add to every VSL to double (or even triple) your results.
  • Strategies to avoid the deadly sins that can turn prospects away.

Session Three: Driving Traffic to Your VSL

Your VSL’s success hinges on its visibility. I’ll teach you:

  • The 8 best ways to drive traffic to your VSL.
  • The 5 critical actions to take once prospects reach the end of your VSL.
  • How to tailor your approach to different types of prospects for maximum response.

Session Four: Enhancing VSL Presentation

A VSL itself doesn’t live on its own. I mean, it’s part of a web page. So you need to know about the relationships…

  • How to use the real estate around your VSL to maximize effectiveness.
  • Tricks to enhance your video presentation and script integration.

Session Five: Mastering Client Negotiations

Understanding your value and negotiating effectively is crucial. This session covers:

  • Collaborative negotiation techniques to structure deals that benefit both you and your client.

Here are the 6 common deal structures and 2 unique twists to make sure you get what you’re worth.

  1. Pay me a percentage of a client sale I generate. Once you’re working successfully with clients, there’s no reason why you can’t create a deal around your most profitable activity. You can set a standard rate – or a scale according to value – for the percentage you’ll receive from a sale made as a result of your efforts, over and above the standard agency commission.
  2. Pay me a set fee for a specific project. For freelances, contractors and consultancies, the most straightforward – but non-exclusive – arrangement is based upon the individual project or piece of work. The fee is agreed for the agreed piece of work. There are no ongoing commitments for you or the client. As long as your work is of a decent standard – and assuming you’re honest – your revenue stream is secure indefinitely.
  3. Pay me an ongoing management fee or retainer. When you’re working with a client on many projects or assignments, there’s logic in pursuing a more structured, ongoing revenue stream. Once the two of you are happy you’re getting on well, you could agree a monthly admin fee or retainer (see note below) for ongoing relationship-nurturing, hassle-free maintenance and general best practice.
  4. Pay me a percentage of my client’s fee. Sole service providers (or when a client has a budget cap) must consider a percentage-based deal: I pay you a fixed fee per month or per working day, which is based on a percentage of the client fee. (Note that you’re within your rights to include a clause stating that both sides need to agree to the price, regardless of what’s in the contract, so you wouldn’t automatically lose business if budgets aren’t suddenly available.) You could agree to receive half, a third or even less than a third of your daily rate or project fee – and often it’s less.
  5. Pay me a percentage of my client’s profit. Sole service providers (or when a client has a target margin to achieve or is simply very generous) can also opt for a revenue or profit share model: I pay you a fixed fee per month or per working day, which is based on a percentage of my client’s revenue or profit. This is a good arrangement because, although you seem to be sacrificing heavily, your income actually fluctuates with your client’s fortunes, meaning you make more in work-heavy and price-sensitive months and less in quieter, less competitive periods.

Session Six: Essential VSL Components

Successful VSLs come with essential components that convert viewers into buyers. You’ll learn:

  • Techniques to save up to 15% of potential buyers from dropping off.
  • Different order form and order page designs to optimize conversions.
  • The “Bread Crumb” method to simplify the buying process.

Session Seven: Testing for Optimal Performance

To ensure maximum effectiveness, thorough testing is essential. You’ll discover:

  • 5 types of headlines to test.
  • My “21 Questions” checklist for writing compelling headlines.
  • How to test traffic drivers, offers, and various promotional strategies.

Session Eight: Wrapping It All Up

The final session ties everything together. You’ll get:

  • A 5-step process to take your VSL from script to online presentation.
  • 9 rules of thumb for slide production.
  • Technical guidance for creating and posting your own videos.

Exclusive Bonuses to Skyrocket Your Success

In addition to the core sessions, you’ll receive:

  • How to Make Your Benefits Really Shine. A walkthrough on raising your copy above its pedestrian level through highlighting benefits as opposed to features.
  • 40 headline starters ready for you to use.
  • 21 questions to beef up your headlines.

An Unbeatable Offer

Frankly, as a copywriter you know the score. My clients pay me $100,000 a month for VSLs … and it’s over $1.2 million a year before royalties or bonuses. This proven program is normally priced at more than $25,000 – if not a lot more – but you can get it today for just $1,597.

That’s a fraction of the value it delivers.

Transform Your Career Today

When it comes to selling, the Makepeace Method represents a total paradigm shift. Instead of allowing your customers to regulate their own desires for your product – ‘Only you can buy your own lunch’ – you override those reptilian brain commands so that you become the all-powerful puppeteer. It’s the number one, reproducible method to earn more, write better, sell more digital, and become a digital copywriter worth $100,000 today.