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CYIW is a partner-based course that uses strong internal world cleaning innovation to assist online business visionaries in cleaning their inner universe of unconscious blocks and making more money, improving performance, and building competitive advantages.

However, unlike most mindset courses, you won’t change by just consuming information – you’ll work directly on your awareness, safely process old experiences, and open up to who you truly are. Stop putting yourself in harm’s way, falling off the wagon, and getting in your own way. Finally, let go of old identities and start reaching your income goals.

Who is it for? CYIW is for online entrepreneurs who have hit their income limit and haven’t cleaned their inner world for more than 90 days. If this sounds like you, then most likely:

  • Your inner world has been overtaken by past ghosts, running on autopilot without you realizing it.

The bright side? You were made for Clean Your Inner World (CYIW).

How it works: CYIW consists of five weeks of C.L.E.A.N. training followed by 45 days of real inner work directly on your consciousness using THE DAILY PRACTICE, group accountability, and weekly check-in calls throughout the cohort’s duration.

  • Week 1: Return to your inner world.
  • Week 2: Let go of the ghosts of the past.
  • Week 3: Enter the present moment.
  • Week 4: Align your inner world with your outer world.
  • Week 5: Navigate life fearlessly.

((C.L.E.A.N Training + The Daily Practice) (60 minutes daily) is the quickest, easiest, and most effective way I’ve found to quickly free you from the past, unlock your capabilities, and generate quantum breakthroughs in both your mind and your finances.))

I believe that a messy inner world leads to a weak mind, affecting your business and life, causing stagnation and frustration, and preventing you from reaching your income potential. This is the greatest offender, compared to a lack of knowledge, skills, or time.

Additionally, a weak mind is more rooted in the past than in the present. Healing the past, processing old experiences, and letting go of outdated identities reduce the influence your unconscious past has over you, leading to greater capacity, productivity, and well-being in the present.

The only drawback? We often neglect this aspect when it comes to the success of online businesses. Instead, we try to cover our weak mind with fancy techniques, but it’s not effective. It’s like covering rotten fruit with a nice-looking rug.

Regardless of how beautiful the rug (techniques/new identities) is, the foul smell from the rotten fruit (unconscious) will reappear and continue to affect us.

The only solution is to safely enter your inner world, give it a thorough cleaning, and free your inner powers so you can live courageously and determinedly instead of living life with a heavy burden.

This is made possible by CYIW, and it’s the reason I created it.

Tej’s story: Cleaning my inner world over the years took me from -$67 to $50k days. When I started my online business, I was shy, inconsistent, and lacked confidence, haunted by the ghosts of my past every day. Today? I’ve impacted over 100,000 people, grown my personal brand to 30k+ followers, and gone from having -$67 to $50k/day.

Cleaning my inner world had the greatest impact. Whenever I felt off, stuck, or hit an income ceiling, it was almost always due to an unconscious inner block. Doing 45 days of continuous Inner Work led to incredible breakthroughs.

Case Study: Last year, I was struggling with another business, and nothing was working. So, I decided to do 45 days of internal cleaning using my C.L.E.A.N method + Daily Practice.

The entry in my journal before Day 1: “Results produced after the 45 days? I stopped waking up in the middle of the night with uncomfortable knots in my gut and reached $60k per month with that new business, which had previously been in a rut. I also gained access to greater feelings of joy, love, strength, power, and well-being.

Best of all? Externally, I didn’t change much.

I know this sounds like witchcraft, but it’s something I’ve experienced repeatedly.

Additionally, there’s no element of chance or magic involved.

The truth is: Your inner world shapes your external world.

If you have a messy inner world that hasn’t been cleaned in years, you’ll unconsciously spill that into your business, life, and relationships, resulting in a messy external world. But when you clean your inner world, the opposite happens, and your external reality aligns with your new inner reality, leading to greater success and quantum leaps.

You can’t just take my word for it. You have to experience it.