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Are you ready to transform your sales team and propel your business to unprecedented heights?

The Cole Gordon Sales Training, trusted by industry titans like Dean Graziosi, Frank Kern, Russ Ruffino, Todd Brown, and Jay Abraham, is your gateway to building and scaling a high-performing sales team.

Why Join The Join Cole Gordon Sales Training

Over 400 high-ticket sales teams who have already experienced the game-changing benefits of our program.

Schedule a Demo and Discover How We Can Place Top 1% Closers & Sellers Within Your Business

This program is meticulously designed for coaches, service providers, consultants, and sales professionals who are ready to master leadership-driven sales, recruit and hire A-Players, and establish systems that free them from the phones. Our process ensures that you can save at least one “lost” deal per week within the first 30-60 days.

The Keys to Building a Solid Sales Foundation

The number one mistake we see clients make is attempting to build a sales team without a solid foundation. Our approach focuses on two critical elements: assets and economics.

  1. Assets: A validated offer and a repeatable sales process.
  2. Economics: A compensation structure that scales, attracting A-Players and enabling your sales team to consistently win.

Recruiting & Hiring: The Secret to a High-Performing Sales Team

Hiring from a place of abundance rather than scarcity is crucial to avoiding a high churn rate. We vet and top-grade potential recruits for you before you even interview them. Additionally, we help you build a “farm team” by developing your own pipeline of potential candidates, keeping it flowing 24/7.

Ramp-Up Training: Accelerate Your Closers’ Success

The biggest risk in hiring A-Players is the ramp-up time. The opportunity cost of having a closer stuck in sales purgatory is significant. Our “on-ramp” process downloads everything I learned from achieving $400K/m+ solo into your closers as quickly as possible, ensuring they hit their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) swiftly and efficiently.

Systems & Management: Transition into a Real CEO Role

By this point, you’ll be off the phone completely. To truly transition into a real CEO role, you need to focus on the systems that keep your sales machine humming. This includes morning meetings, end-of-day check-ins, tracking dashboards, and creating a culture where people want to stick around. This is how you scale to high seven-figure or even eight-figure sales.

Our clients include some of the most respected names in the industry:

  • Dean Graziosi
  • Frank Kern
  • Russ Ruffino
  • Todd Brown
  • Jay Abraham
  • Aleric Heck
  • Rich Schefren
  • Tanner Chidester
  • Rob Dial
  • Pete Vargas
  • Elliot Hulse
  • Craig Proctor
  • Brooke Castillo
  • Clark Kegley
  • Pedro Adao
  • Jon Morrow

These industry leaders have trusted us to build and scale their sales teams. Now it’s your turn to experience the transformative power of our Sales Team Accelerator™.


“This has revolutionized our sales process. We’ve gone from struggling to find and keep good salespeople to having a pipeline of top-tier talent ready to step in and perform. The training and support have been exceptional.” – Dean Graziosi

“The systems and frameworks provided by Cole Gordon have allowed us to scale our sales team without losing the personal touch that made us successful in the first place. Highly recommend!” – Frank Kern

“We’ve seen a significant increase in closed deals and overall sales performance since implementing the Sales Team Accelerator™. The ramp-up training is a game-changer.” – Russ Ruffino


Is this just outsourced sales? No. While we do recruit for you, our clients run their sales internally. Outsourcing sales can be risky and the economics don’t work at scale. Our goal is to help you build an internal sales department that runs itself.

Will you train my salespeople? Yes. When you invest in our program, your salespeople receive daily training and private coaching from me and my team. You also get licensed rights to use all our sales training and SOPs for life, ensuring continuous improvement.

The salespeople you send me… do they work for you or me? They work for you. We vet and top-grade potential recruits, but every person we send you is yours once they’ve proven they can perform.

Can you coach my existing sales team? Absolutely. If you have an underperforming sales team, we can help them perform at a higher level and eliminate inconsistency. This can result in substantial revenue increases.

Do you take a percentage of sales? No. Taking a percentage of sales breaks down the economics at scale. We focus on creating a compensation structure that attracts and retains A-Players without taking a cut of your sales.

What if I’m not ready to build a sales team yet? Even if you’re not ready to build a sales team, we encourage you to reach out. We can provide next steps to get you “sales team ready” as soon as possible. Many clients start uncertain but quickly realize the value of our process once they understand it better.

Transform Your Sales Team Today

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to build and scale a high-performing sales team. Apply to get Cole’s help and see firsthand how we can place top 1% closers and sellers within your business. Join the ranks of industry leaders who have already transformed their sales teams and scaled their businesses with our proven methods.