Conversion XL – Bundle (49 courses) Download

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Join the top 1% of digital marketing

We find the absolute best practitioners in the world, and get them to teach their craft. Learn from the top performers to become one.

Self-paced online digital marketing courses on all things conversion optimization, digital analytics and digital marketing.

Grow faster.

The difference between high-growth and slow-growth companies is the skill sets they have to make it happen.

At CXL, we provide

  • marketing training programs to people serious about their career,
  • managed online revenue optimization & experimentation services to help mid-to-large companies accelerate growth.

Become great at marketing.

Get the world’s top practitioners as your instructors.

CXL Institute teaches you advanced level skills in customer acquisition, analytics, and conversion optimization.

“I attended a 9-month long program where professors from MIT & Columbia Business School taught us Digital Strategy. In that program, we were trained on Digital Marketing for 13 weeks.

CXL makes that program seem like kindergarten.” – Amit Sharma

Price – $15

Delivery – Mega Download Link

Size – 55.29 GB

Release Date – 2020

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