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Delivery – Mega

Size – 18.19 GB

Release Date – 2024

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Over five weeks, you’ll learn how to master the five most important AI tools that can optimize almost any marketing task.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll discover.

Week 1: Learn how to master ChatGPT and efficiently publish high-converting, unique, creative-based sales copy.

Week 2: Learn how to use the #1 AI image generator to create eye-catching ad creatives and video content (and turn them into “mini-movies” that can run in ads, social media, and more). Use to generate massive buzz.

Week 3: We’ll show you the exact methods (and tools) we developed and used to easily add a few lines to ChatGPT. Press a few keys and create content in just under an hour in just under a month. The best? It will actually be posted automatically.

Week 4: The point is to show you how we built a ChatGPT autoresponder using a simple “no-code” tool that allows you to nearly automate your outreach efforts.

Week 5: Learn how to combine these tools to build a complete funnel from start to finish. This allows you to create your own “mini-funnels” just like we did to convert cold traffic from qualified leads to buyers.