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Release Date – 2021

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17+ Workshops (177+ Videos) & exclusive downloads, discounts, and perks including:

THE MINDSET – What kind of mindsets should I have when building my brand?

THE BRANDING – What is a personal brand? And what are Social Media Archetypes?

THE CREATIVE – How do I technically use my gear and how do I make my content look cinematic?

THE EQUIPMENT – What kind of camera gear should I buy?

LIGHTROOM – What is my Adobe Lightroom Workflow?

PHOTOSHOP – What is my Adobe Photoshop Workflow?

PREMIERE PRO – What is my Premiere Pro workflow and how to edit cinematic videos

YOUR PROFILE – How do I properly set up my profile?

WOMEN – How do I optimize my love life with what I’ve learned?

LAND CLIENTS – How do I find clients and make money?

SMART PHONE – How to shoot cinematic pictures and videos using a smartphone.

JOB SHADOW – How do I work behind the scenes on each unique shoot?

GROWTH – How do I exponentially grow on social media?

EVENTS – How do I throw events and utilize what I’ve learned?

TRAVEL – How do I travel and make money at the same time?

OPTICS – What are Optics? And how does it apply to my brand?

DRONES & FPV – How do I master flying drones & FPV?