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Creative Strategy Master Course

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The crucial factor for ad success in 2024 isn’t necessarily adequate planning for campaign structure (or even identifying that sweet spot of auctions), nor is it necessarily just targeting the right audiences at the right times and in the right places with the perfect demographics. No. Rather, the X-factor of advertising lies, quite literally, in creative – as Meta’s recent note emphasizes: ‘56 percent of all auction outcomes can be attributed to creative’.

Why Creative Strategy Matters

This Creative Strategy is the way forward: getting you there and, most critically, finding ways to connect with your target that will outlast the ‘big data’ targeting we’re seeing less and less of right now. The secret is this: people today expect authentic and emotionally engaging content that will resonate with their passions, desires and, yes, their fantasies. Advertisers don’t make desire; we recognize it and channel it using ad creatives.

Better ads create better targeting, better returns on ad spend, better revenue, and more satisfied customers. My realization that I wanted to develop and teach the Creative Strategy Master Course came with the realization that there must be more creative strategists, media buyers, and marketing geniuses out there who would benefit from learning why creative strategy, out of all the components of the advertising discipline, sits atop the hierarchy.

Creative Strategy Master Course Overview

We will explore the specifics of developing and implementing impactful ads, moving from the basics to advanced skills. In the course, we will explore seven major topics, all fundamental to mastering the strategy behind a creation:

  • Creative Strategy 101
  • Foundational Learning & Resources
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Master Creative Strategist Toolkit
  • The 9 Pillars of Creative Strategy

In other words, each step is studied in the context of the whole, so that all the participants fully understand the entire process.

The 9 Pillars of Creative Strategy

At the heart of every module are 9 Pillars of Creative Strategy – simply the tasks we need to help creative thinkers flesh out a creative strategy. Our pillars are:

  1. Divide and conquer
  2. Set the stage
  3. Let your guard down
  4. Cause an uproar
  5. Make someone happy
  6. Stir the pot
  7. Turning ugliness into attractiveness
  8. Break the rules
  9. Say it better than anyone ever has before or since
  10. Divide and conquer: Take it as far apart as possible. We should start from the biggest possible space, then bring it closer until it’s within our creative imagination’s reach.
  11. Set the stage: World-building. When we offer a specific space, that enables the imagination to blaze.
  12. Let your guard down: Social permissiveness. Create spaces that allow us to let down our defenses.
  13. Cause an uproar: Blockbusting. Why do a sneak preview on a small stage when we could stage it in a coliseum and get the whole world talking?
  14. Make someone happy: Cure-kits. Make art for someone’s pain.
  15. Stir the pot: Contrary-to-type. Stereotypes are repositories of prejudices waiting to be cleansed (in the best sense).
  16. Turning ugliness into attractiveness: Artolutionism. Transform the horrid into the lovely.
  17. Break the rules: Archaic artifacts. What once delighted is now taken for granted.
  18. Say it better than anyone ever has before or since: Antithesis. The second voice that Da Vinci used in his sketch, ‘The Invention of the Drill’ (c1485-1500).


Here, alignment means that all the creativity that is done, is done in service of the brand’s objectives. This pillar is all about building empathy with and defining the customer – what are their values, how do they interact with people, and what is important to them? Alignment demands that these roles and understanding of a brand’s persona guide all creative content, ensuring its accuracy and relevance to the business.


There’s no escape from extensive research if a creative strategy is to have the slightest chance of succeeding – that is, if it’s to reach the right people with the right content in a way the audience values. Understanding the audience, the market, and the competitive environment means a strategy will be based on solid insights.

Avatar Development

Using comprehensive profiles of the target audience, which we’ll call avatars, helps to craft more pertinent content. Further, it is effective to create avatars – comprehensive profiles of the target audience – and use it to develop more pertinent content.


Ideation is where the idea generation process takes place. Here the team is helped to think a bit laterally and creatively. Ideas alone will not deliver creative ad creatives, so a certain degree of lateral thinking is encouraged – you do need a strong idea to base an ad on but at the ideation stage the ideas can be a bit novel or unusual rather than obvious or formulaic.

Briefs, Script Writing & Strategy

This concerns the creation of highly detailed creative briefs and scripts, describing the creative direction, key messages, and storytelling techniques that must be used in the ad creatives.

Content Production

Content creation focuses on the nuts and bolts of creating the ad creatives. You can think of this production work as video or graphic production, among other things. In this part of the workflow, the goal is to create content that is of the highest quality.

Launch & Creative Testing (Media Buying)

Once the content is developed, creatives can be distributed and then monitored to see what is working and what is not; you adjust the campaign from there.

Creative Reporting, Creative Analysis & Ad Iterations

After the ads have been launched, the ongoing analysis and reporting start – or, to put it another way, that’s when the second pillar kicks in. This pillar pertains to the tracking of performance metrics, results testing, and iterations on the ad creatives to keep improving their effectiveness.

Organization & Practical Creative Operations

Great organization and operations management help ensure consistency and efficiency. This leg is all about project management, workflow and collaboration, and positively impacting creative operations.

Additional Features

Beyond the sound strategy for creative excellence, the course has two additional promises:

  • Bonus 1: The 9 Pillars provide hundreds of ways to prompt a unique response to UGC (User-Generated Content) creators, by posing a creative challenge and judging its merits.
  • Bonus 2: A free one-hour Q&A style call with the course creator, Nicole Crowell, where you can get tips to fill in the gaps, answer questions or get custom suggestions.

What the Course Won’t Cover

I want to manage your expectations of what the course does not cover. The Creative Strategy Master Course will not show you how to lay out ad designs using Photoshop or Canva or have a chapter on all the various account structures in media buying. It only covers the creative process and the creative strategy.

Meet Nicole Crowell

This course was created by Nicole Crowell, who has been working in the world of performance marketing full-time for the past five years. She has worked as a media buyer for multiple bootstrapped brands as well as large nine-figure companies and currently runs her own Creative Strategy business, Performance Purple. Nicole has analyzed over 70 D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) brands and offers with over $70 million in combined ad spend on Meta, Google, and TikTok.

With her hands-on experience through running multiple high-converting Facebook ads for brands including Fabletics, Posh Peanut, and Health Ade; as well as with leading agencies such as New Level Media, Structured, HG Performance, she applies her creative strategy skills to optimize your campaigns to help you make more sales. Helping others improve and provide value is her thing. That’s what this course is about.


Whether it’s your ad creatives or your competitor’s, the Creative Strategy Master Course gives you the knowledge to help you understand what makes them tick and to create, of course, more powerful creatives that will help you scale your accounts, develop new ad angles and connect better with your audience. From the basics to the 9 Pillars of Creativity, you’ll have the tools to make your ad creatives profitable.

The course is a solid investment for anyone wanting to strengthen their creative strategy skills, given Nicole Crowell’s dedication to the cause and her experience in the field. The course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so what do you have to lose?

Take this course to innovate your creative strategy and take your advertising to the next level. If this sounds good, click the ‘I want this’ button and learn creative strategy today.