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The Twelve Mental & Emotional Positions that Attract Wealth

Enable and empower your subconscious to be in the position to Most Readily Attract Wealth when you apply the 12 positions which help you liberate yourself from negative emotions about money, learn to use the vocabulary and language of Wealth Attraction, and create “Wealth Consciousness.”

The Philosophy, Concepts, Principles, Thinking and Emotions Involved With Money, Wealth, and Success

Open the floodgates to money, wealth, and success attraction. Explains the MAJOR flaw in 95% of businesses that if fixed instantly attracts massive money, the secret that explains ALL wealth, the ten limiting ideas that Business Owners cling to, the “Big Lie,” “Wealth Killer,” escaping the exchange of time for money, the secret to accelerating wealth and much more.

Thirty-one Practical Strategies For Wealth Attraction

Arm yourself with the strategies needed to shift into a Hyper-Wealth-Attraction-Mode. From Dan’s most simplified 2-Step Strategy to base everything you do on, to the MOST IMPORTANT Strategy that encapsulates the unspoken difference between the wealthy and the poor which necessitates you to revise all of your business procedures so you can be on the “right side” to blasting through the factors that hold you hostage and keep you from attaining wealth, you’ll learn ways to get money, make money move and speed up wealth.

Entire 1-Day Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs Seminar

Eavesdrop on an entire day as Dan helps you confront and eliminate your self-limiting beliefs and takes you through a variety of strategies to effectively and immediately start attracting wealth. Includes 3 DVD’s so you can watch and follow along like the attendees did at the live conference and 6 Audio CD’s so you can turn your travel time into learning time.

Topic Booklet with ALL Overhead Materials

Access the topic manual containing all overheads used during Dan’s presentation so you can follow along & jot down ideas.


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