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Writing For Info Marketers Training

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This Program is 0.6 GB (It contains Audios and PDFs) and released in 2024

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Do you dream of being a freelance writer?

An industry hugely dependent on writing, with high demand for your services and clients ready to pay excellent fees for top-notch work is… Well, only one. The offer of Dan Kennedy’s “Writing for Info Marketers Training & Certification Program” could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. This three-month course opens the door to the lucrative field of information marketing, a segment that Dan Kennedy has spearheaded for close to four decades. Here’s what to expect from the program, and how it could become your ticket to a successful freelance writing career.

Understanding the Info Marketing Industry

The demographic behind this industry is diverse and dispersed – a world of businesses of all sizes, all supported by written copy to varying degrees. There are the Lone Authors. There are the Small Businessmen. There are the Large Businessmen. Publishers of courses, physical or online. Companies that put on seminars. Coaching companies. Membership organizations.

Companies that sell info marketing products are always hungry for copy: ad copy, sales letters, brochures, sales protectors, catalogues, web content, e-zines, social media posts – the list goes on and on. Many of these business owners don’t write well or simply can’t find the time to produce the prodigious quantities of content they need to keep their products and services in front of potential buyers. That’s where writers who know the idiosyncratic particulars of the info marketing world can make a tidy living.

Why Info Marketers Need Specialized Writers

Sure, understanding how to write copy for direct response can take you a long way, but the info marketing industry requires more. Who are your customers? How do they buy? What types of information do they want from you? How can you create content that will pack the greatest conversional punch? If you sell the ebook and leave the lead gen to a general freelancer, you risk losing value from the customer experience you’re trying to create. Sending your customer to a third-party lead form creates friction – it can result in lower conversions and fewer sales. Choose the writers wisely!

Dan Kennedy’s program can help bridge that gap. Kennedy is paid up to a million dollars a year to write for info marketers and, for a small price, you can gain his insight and strategies to gain a competitive advantage. This program provides you with 15 step-by-step modules on the knowledge and skills to deliver the high standards of info marketers so that you can craft compelling content that speaks to their conversions and sales.

Key Features of Writing For Info Marketers Training

Our Writing for Info Marketers Training & Certification Program is presented in an easy-to-master format in four staged modules. You will grow your knowledge, expertise, and confidence in this niche market.

Module 1: Comprehensive ‘Tour’ of the Info-Marketing Industry

With this module, you will gain a deeper understanding of the different entrepreneurs and types of companies operating in the info-marketing business. You’ll know how their businesses grow, where their profits come from, and how they think about marketing, advertising, customer development, and retention. You will become fluent when it comes to speaking the language of your industry – the jargon and the business models – which is important to effectively communicate with your potential clients and to avoid making some common mistakes that lead you to be misunderstood and discredited.

Module 2: Needs of These Clients & Specific Writing Opportunities

In this module, you’ll uncover the specific needs of info marketers: lead conversion; converting cold, unresponsive leads (a.k.a. ‘burners’) into paying customers; new customer acquisition; upsells; the offline and online media info marketers use; the three primary types of writing work available in this industry; and, perhaps most importantly, the questions you can expect clients to ask of you and how to answer. Now you’re ready to initiate contact with clients, armed with the right questions. You stand ready to give as good as you get.

Module 3: Client-Getting – Who, Where & How

This module concentrates on how to find folks who need copy – where to look and whom to sell yourself to. It walks you through the process step-by-step – who are they, how do you reach them, what should you put in your listing for the AWAI-IMA Online Directory of Dan Kennedy Certified Info-Marketing Copywriters, and how do you go about marketing yourself? Plus, this module includes practical, nitty-gritty suggestions on how to seek out and talk to “hidden info-marketers” right in your own area.

Module 4: Effective Copywriting for Info Marketers

Module 3 is all about the type of copy that every info marketer needs: copy that sells. Writing for info-products, programs, courses, moneymaking opportunities, seminars, webinars, and so on. Key elements of sales copy, as well as for non-sales writing such as books and newsletters, are included, and the module is all about speed – doing it fast, so that you have the skill to accrue to the needs of clients.

Certification and Beyond

By completing the program and later passing an online test, you will receive the ‘Dan Kennedy Certified Info-Marketer’ badge that can be displayed on your marketing materials. With prestigious validation, you’ll be recognized as a specialist in information marketing – equipped with cutting-edge knowledge and ability to stand apart from the crowd.

However, the benefits don’t end there. You’ll also have your name listed for free to all the other members of the Information Marketing Association (IMA) – an exclusive promotion that creates visibility for you with prospects actively looking to hire freelance copywriters. Plus, you’ll be listed in the AWAI-IMA Online Directory, which is a searchable database available to anyone looking for a writer.

Additional Bonuses

Moreover, you will be surprised with even more bonuses that will enhance your chances and support your success:

  • Fast Action Bonus: An interview series you have exclusive access to with IMA President Robert Skrob, as he discusses the needs of info marketers and what they look for when hiring freelancers.
  • Your IMA Membership: A 2-month test drive membership, with access to information that will help you improve your skills and network with other marketers like you. 2 months FREE membership in the Information Marketing Association!
  • Rough draft critique: Included at our option with Post-Certification Support for licensed users of our info-marketing content. Free critique of a rough draft and reduced charge on tele-consultations scheduled with Dan Kennedy. It answers the question: Will you critique my copy?
  • Bonus Q&A: Sessions where Dan Kennedy fields questions about repurposing existing copy, finding story leads, determining content response, and more.

The Secret of Specialization

Specialization allows you to earn higher fees and gives you the chance to obtain steady work. When you’re an info-marketing copywriter who’s been awarded venture level certification, you’ve branded yourself as an expert in a competitive niche with opportunity and high demand. You get paid far more than the generalist writers to help businesses attract new customers and clients.

This reliance on written communication is what makes the info-marketing industry so lucrative. The owners need marketing materials, sales letters, educational products – anything they can use to reach out to their audience and sell their service. They also need a ton of blog posts, newsletter articles, book excerpts, and more – which is where you come in. In short, you will have a constant stream of work, and if you are good at what you do, it will lead to long-term client relationships and a lucrative career.

Real-World Impact

Indeed, success stories from some of the original writers in Kennedy’s program are easy to find: Certified copywriters all report good income and good client relationships; one writer procured half a dozen assignments from a single client. The effectiveness of Kennedy’s program is reinforced by findings from marketing experts – one writer was earning a six-figure income in less than 12 months, another discovered steady high-paying copy jobs through working with info marketers.

Earnings potential and professional development are vast. Info marketers are often small businesspeople who are themselves entrepreneurial, creative, pluralistic, demanding of fresh ideas and cogent representations. That means you as a certified writer can not only satisfy their personnel needs, you can also grow with them, seizing long-term business and referrals.


But one way to do it is to sign up for Dan Kennedy’s ‘Writing for Info Marketers Training & Certification Program’, which is a training program designed specifically to get you writing for the info-marketing industry. While other freelance writers might be generalists at best, you will be specializing in working for this fast-growing industry, with its never-ending hunger for quality writing and opportunities for long-term, high-paying relationships with your clients.

This program will give you what you need to succeed in this fast-growing occupation – the skills, the knowledge, and the professional certification that will set you apart from the rest. And with the added benefits of marketing support, networking opportunities, and resources for life, you will be perfectly positioned to begin a thriving career as a freelancer for info marketers.