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Module 1: Turn Your Interest Into a Business

  • Turn your interests into your life’s work and start 0 dollars.
  • Develop a plan to built a valuable mindset and skillset.
  • Select a career path that reflects your personality and figure out what you need to do to achieve your financial goals.

Why Writing Is Your Key To Success

  • Creators are like decentralized media companies, and writing is the foundation of all media.
  • Learn to write to organize your thoughts, clear your mind, and connect with people who share your interests.
  • Learn how to write with impact in your own authentic voice instead of worrying about “being a good writer” (we discourage academic writing).

Module 2: How to Make Your Work, Writing, Products, and Services So Good That People Can’t Help But Share and Buy

  • Receive practical frameworks to increase the perceived value of anything you create right away.
  • Never doubt the value of your work.
  • Design Your Ideal Lifestyle and Make It a Reality
  • Document your ideal lifestyle and create a strategy to achieve it using technology.
  • Develop your own “billionaire productivity system” instead of copying others.
  • Learn about the psychology of the flow state to accomplish a week’s worth of work in just four hours.

Module 3: The Stages of Creator Development (How to Remove the Limit on Your Earning Potential)

  • Learn what to do at the beginning, middle, and end of your digital career.
  • Identify which skills to prioritize to increase your income.
  • Find the blind spots that keep people stuck living paycheck to paycheck in their new lifestyle.
  • Why Sales Are Crucial to Survival and How to Get Out of the Cubicle Permanently
  • If you’re not selling your own product, you’re selling someone else’s, even if you don’t realize it.
  • Learn how to market your expertise, interests, and skills, even if there’s not a huge audience interested.
  • Use sales as an ethical skill to replace your income in the new economy.

Module 4: How to Be More Productive Turn Your Experience Into A Profitable Product

  • Turn your life’s objectives into a source of income that impacts others’ lives.
  • Learn how to host and sell your products using simple technology without spending a fortune on business investments.
  • Create a memorable marketing campaign that aligns with your life philosophy, standing out in the creator economy.
  • The Separation Between A-Tier Creators and C-Tier Creators
  • Presented by Dan Koe and the panelists.
  • Recognize what to do in the beginning stages of the creator economy to avoid being buried in the bottom 90%.
  • Use digital real estate that appreciates over time to increase your leverage.
  • Know exactly what needs to be done at each stage of your growth and monetization journey.