Here’s what you’ll get:

The Complete High-Income Copywriter™ Certification Program Delivered Over 7 Weeks – This program is the fastest, easiest way to become a highly paid and in-demand High-Income Copywriter™ – even if you have no experience, degree, or even if you speak broken English like me.

As well as these free gifts:

  • FREE Gift #1: My Personal, $250 Million Dollar Swipe File ($5,000 Value)  I’ve built up a collection of proven ads and sales letters that have generated over $250 million dollars in sales. So anytime you want to write a new sales message, you can take what’s working from this swipe file and tweak it.
  • FREE Gift #2: 11 Breakdowns Of The Most Successful Ads And Emails From Some Of The Most Profitable Product Launches In The World ($1,100 Value) – You’ll get 11 breakdowns of the most profitable ads and emails from some of the world’s most successful product launches. These have generated over $10 million dollars in days, and you can use the same strategies they used behind it.
  • FREE Gift #3: 300 Fill In The Blank Headline Templates ($300 Value) – When you need a headline, don’t try to stare at a blank screen. What if I could give you 300 headline templates instead? All you need to do is fill in the blank, and you’ve got a proven headline ready to go.
  • FREE Gift #4: Instant Subject Lines ($100 Value) – It doesn’t matter how good your email is if people delete it and never read it. That’s why I’ve put together a massive list of some of the best subject lines I could find from all industries.
  • FREE Gift #5: Exclusive Access To The High-Income Copywriter™ Community (Priceless!) – You can’t alter your life without first changing your environment. That’s why we’re here to help and support you on your journey. You’ll receive a warm, heartfelt welcome the minute you join our global community when you introduce yourself.
  • FREE Gift #6: The Complete Compliance Checklist To Scale Without Getting Your Ads Shut Down ($499 Value) – My team and I spent thousands of hours testing and tweaking to make sure our ads get approved. This took us from getting 90% disapproved to 99% approved. So when you write something for companies or agencies, you could just quickly run through this checklist and not worry about having ads account disapproved, or worse yet, shut down.
  • FREE Gift #7: The Top-Secret Sales Letter Checklist Of Million Dollar Copywriters! ($799 Value) – This “checklist” is like having one of the best copywriters in the world look over your shoulders to critique your copy, correct any mistakes you have, and help you skyrocket the pulling-power of your marketing piece. I originally wrote this checklist for myself when I was running my one-man copywriting agency. I used it to produce over $15 million in revenue for my clients, and now you can too.
  • FREE Gift #8: 175 Power Words That Motivate People To Buy ($175 Value) – You can use this collection of the most impactful power words to grab and hold people’s attention when you want it.
  • FREE Gift #9: The 10 ORIGINAL Sales Letters Of My First Copywriting Mentor, Alan Jacques ($2,499 Value) – When I was learning from my mentor Alan, he wouldn’t write a sales letter if he didn’t think he would make a million dollars. Now I have one of the very few and rare collections of his letters in the world. So I’m going to give you his best 10 sales letters from my collection.

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Size – 22.11 GB

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