Dan Sheridan – Short Term Trades September 2023 Download

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Dan Sheridan – Short Term Trades September 2023
This class will be broken down into 2 aspects:

1 Dan Sheridan will focus on same day or next day Range Bound Trades (Iron Condors, Butterflies, Credit Spreads or Calendars).

I am very excited about same day Trades because we will avoid all Gap Risk, and can choose exactly the 1-2 Days each week we are willing to play.We will compare the various strategies and give you a very clear Game plan with complete Risk management guidelines to implement these strategies.

2. Mark Fenton will focus on Directional or speculative Short Term Trades, trades that are 1-4 Days from expiration when entering.

Note: Each Class Day, we will try to place 1 live Range Bound and 1 Directional Trade. We will give you the game plan and exact instructions, and also send out emails and text’s on the live trades. and any adjustments.
Work along side Dan Sheridan & Mark Fenton each Monday and Wednesday as they Trade Short Term Trades over 4-Weeks.

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