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Size – 4.95 GB

Release Date – 2024

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What You’ll Receive:

8 Easy-to-Follow Video Modules Covering 23 Topics:

Module 1: Planning Your Info Product Module 2: Making Your Info Product Offer Module 3: Setting Up Your Offer to Sell Module 4: Bringing Traffic to Your Offer Module 5: Selling Your Info Product Live Module 6: After Sales (Follow-Up Plan) Module 7: Automating Sales Module 8: Advanced Strategies and Common Mistakes to Avoid

Top Tools for Boosting Income with AI:

Discover the top 3 AI tools I personally use in my businesses Effortlessly create entire slide decks in seconds Launch marketing campaigns with just a click These AI tools can handle everything for you! Learn how to use them and where to find them

No extra charges – I’ve got you covered.