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What is the EASIEST FASTEST and most awesome way to build relationships with the influencers in your niche (without creepily stalking them outside their windows) AND ALSO build a passionate fan base who loves you and buys everything from you?

Cue the game show music.

Any guesses?

The answer: Creating your very own interview-based web show where you bring on the most amazing people in your niche ever, pick their brains and create insanely valuable content.

In fact, by creating an interview show you will…

Build relationships with all the amazing influencers and cool people in your niche.

Stick out from the pack like woah (like woah I say!)

Be seen as a celebrity and trusted resource in your niche (I mean who doesnt love someone who has a show?)

Bring in all kinds of new subscribers to your list (boom!)

Create super valuable content that is spread throughout the web like wildfire.

Holy bananas!

Pump the brakes. You might be thinking, “David…isn’t doing an interview show really, really, really, really hard?”

What kind of equipment do I need and how do I easily shoot and edit my interviews without being a tech genius?

How the heck do I get people to say YES! to an interview even when Im just getting started?

How do I prep for an interview so I know what the heck Im doing and ask the right questions?

How do I conduct a non-boring interview that has zero awkwardness and 100% awesomeness?

How do I promote my interviews to bring in all kinds of mad traffic (and build my list!)?

How do I turn my interviews into mad cash? I mean some real bling bling?

Don’t worry my friends. Uncle David is here to help you.

Create Awesome Interviews might not be perfect for you if:

You are looking for a “get rich quick scheme”

You hate people.

You aren’t willing to put the work in and expect to push some kind of magic button where fans and money come rolling in.

You have a negative attitude and aren’t an action-taker.

The proof is in the show.

Here are examples of just a *few* (of many) Create Awesome Interviews graduates who are now hosting their own shows:

Here is just *some* of what you are going to learn how to do step-by-step in Create Awesome Interviews:

To create your own irresistible interview-based web show that sticks out from the pack and matches your personality and passion.

To get busy people you want to interview to say YES! to your interview request (without stalking them) even if you are just getting started. Includes my exact templates you can use.

To conduct the three types of non-boring interviews that are a triple win (win you for, your guest and your community) without ever running out of things to talk about or any awkward situations.

To simply shoot, edit (in less than 10 minutes!) and publish your interviews with technology that is smarter, faster, cheaper and easy-to-use so you don’t need to stress…and you will learn exactly how to use it step-by-step over my shoulder. No need to be a tech master.

An easy step-by-step system to spread the word about your show like a wildfire and turn “traffic” into raving community of passionate fans …who keep coming back and care enough to spread the word for you and buy from you.

To use your show as a handshake to meet pretty much anyone .

To jump on the three best ways of monetizing (including sponsorships) and leveraging your interviews. Includes step-by-step methods of maximizing each monetization method .

To avoid rookie mistakes and aggravation that will save you tons of hours and thousands of dollars .

To use the tips and tricks used by the worlds top interviewers to accelerate your skills like wildfire.

The results? Create Awesome Interviews + Your Consistent Effort Over Time = BIG, BIG RESULTS

The Awesomeness You Are Gonna Get:

Step-by-step training for every style of learning (video, audio and slides)

Module #1: FOUNDATION: Get off on the right foot: Creating an irresistible interview brand that reflects your personality + topic.

Module #2: LANDING AMAZING GUESTS PART #1: Who are you going to interview? Learn the 3 types of guests to go after and where you can find ‘em.

Module #3: LANDING AMAZING GUESTS PART #2: How to stalk people online to nab an interview without being sketchy/getting arrested/aggravating them.

Module #4: THE INTERVIEW: From prep time to game time: How to create an awesome non-boring interview.

Module #5: PROMOTING YOUR INTERVIEWS: My exact road map of how The Rise To The Top went from 0-100,000 viewers in less than two years. Includes a step-by-step checklist as well as using interviews as a relationship builder to meet anyone you want.

Module #6: CREATING AN ENGAGED PASSIONATE COMMUNITY OF FANS: One thing to have “traffic” another to have a passionate community that knows, likes and trusts you as well as shares your interviews and buys from you. Includes all my “tricks” and step-by-step methods to create engaged fans.

Module #7: MONETIZING PART #1: The blueprint for using your interviews as a marketing and branding weapon for your own products and services.

Module #8: MONETIZING PART #2: Promoting other people’s products via affiliates on your show. Includes results of 3+ years of experiments of exactly how to monetize via affiliates and rake in passive income.

Module #9: MONETIZING PART #3: The complete guide to sponsorships and partnerships. Everything from how to reach out to the three things you can offer sponsors that will make them say YES.