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Are you a one-person shop with immense talent but feel overworked and underpaid? Are you striving to transform your creative skills into a profitable, sustainable business? If so, then you’re in the right place.

Imagine the possibilities of building a thriving digital agency from scratch. Not just any agency, but one that brings in consistent, high-paying clients and offers you the freedom to work from anywhere, on your own terms.

Why This Blueprint is Different

What if I told you that you don’t need to burn out working for countless clients or struggle with the complexities of scaling your business? Instead, you can follow a proven model that has helped me and many others build multi-million dollar agencies with ease.

Meet Your Instructor

I’m Dee Deng, co-founder of Right Hook Digital. We went from zero to $250,000 per month in just the first 14 months, and today, we’re recognized as one of Australia’s fastest-growing companies. I’ve spoken at major conferences, interviewed top minds, and mentored numerous agency owners. Now, I’m sharing everything I’ve learned with you.

What’s Inside the Ignite Your Digital Agency Course?

1. Start-to-Finish Agency Blueprint

You’ll learn how to transition from a one-person operation to a scalable agency. This module covers:

  • Identifying your niche and ideal clients.
  • Setting up your business infrastructure.
  • Essential tools and systems to streamline operations.

2. Proven Client Acquisition System

Discover how to attract and onboard the right clients who value your work and are willing to pay well:

  • Crafting irresistible offers.
  • Developing a client acquisition funnel.
  • Negotiation tactics and onboarding processes.

3. Comprehensive Fulfillment Strategies

Learn how to deliver exceptional results consistently, ensuring client satisfaction and long-term retention:

  • Creating and managing project workflows.
  • Effective communication and client management.
  • Implementing quality control measures.

4. Financial Mastery for Agency Owners

Ensure your agency’s financial health and sustainability:

  • Budgeting and financial planning.
  • Pricing strategies and profit maximization.
  • Managing cash flow and financial reporting.

Real Results from Real People

Nick Shackelford, Founder of Structured Social: “I’ve learned so much from Dee about building an agency and being a great leader. He’s a true friend and mentor.”

Brandon Fink, Founder of WKND Digital: “Dee’s guidance has been crucial for our growth from less than $1 million to aiming for $20 million annually. He’s not just a great entrepreneur but an even better person.”

Eric Carlson, Founder of Sweat Pants Agency: “This course will change your life and your agency’s life. Dee’s accomplishments are what many agency owners take decades to figure out.”

What Makes This Course Unique?

While many courses focus solely on client acquisition, this program addresses the three critical pillars of a successful agency: Acquisition, Fulfillment, and Finance. This holistic approach ensures that your agency isn’t just profitable but also sustainable and scalable.


1. Should I quit my job to start an agency? We recommend you wait until your agency generates enough income to replace your current salary. This ensures a smooth transition without financial stress.

2. How is this course different from others? It is taught by a proven expert who has built a successful agency from scratch. You’ll get practical, actionable advice, not just theory.

3. Can I enroll if I don’t have any clients yet? Absolutely. It is designed to help you land your first clients and grow from there.

4. Do I need to build a huge agency? Not at all. The principles taught can be applied to agencies of any size, whether you prefer a small, boutique operation or a large-scale enterprise.

5. Can I take this course if I’m based in a remote location? Yes. The digital nature of the agency model allows you to operate from anywhere in the world.

6. How much time should I allocate to the course? We suggest dedicating a few hours each week to go through the material and implement the strategies.

7. Will it require a lot of money to start an agency? No. A digital agency can be started with minimal capital. The key is following a proven framework to avoid costly mistakes.

8. Is there a payment plan available? Yes, we offer a flexible payment plan to make the course accessible.

9. How does your refund policy work? We offer a 365-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, you can get a full refund within a year.

10. What if I need extra support beyond the course? You’ll have access to a community of peers and regular Q&A sessions with Dee for additional support.

Why You Should Act Now

By joining today, you not only get access to the program at a discounted rate but also receive exclusive bonuses designed to accelerate your success:

  • 2-for-1 License: Bring a business partner or team member for free.
  • Live Q&A Calls: Quarterly sessions with Dee Deng.
  • Agency Client Honey Trap: Techniques to drastically increase client close rates.
  • Exponential Branding Effect: Strategies to synergize your personal and business brand.
  • Gentle Close Technique: Convert prospects into clients without aggressive sales tactics.
  • The 2nd Brain: Dee’s unique note-taking system for effective learning and implementation.
  • Must-Read Book List: 27 essential books for agency owners.
  • Million-Dollar Agency Templates: Exclusive templates for client proposals, emails, and more.

Transform Your Future Today

Imagine the freedom and satisfaction of running a highly profitable digital agency, working with clients who appreciate and respect you, and enjoying a lifestyle that others envy. It offers you a chance to achieve all of this and more.

Join us now and take the first step towards building a successful digital agency. Embrace this opportunity to learn from someone who has walked the path and achieved remarkable success.

Act now, and secure your future with a course that offers real results, practical strategies, and comprehensive support. Your journey to a thriving digital agency starts here.