Dispatch Mastery Course by Alix Burton

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Dispatch Mastery Course by Alix Burton

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The size of the course by Alix Burton is 22.02 GB and released in 2021

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The Dispatch Mastery Course will help you succeed as a Truck Dispatcher from Home

Are you interested in entering the trucking industry but unsure where to start?

Imagine now: you could earn a good income from your home, needing only a cell phone and a laptop. You have Nada to no pertinent experience, much less having to shell out for expensive equipment. Now imagine getting trained on the nuts and bolts of succeeding as a truck dispatcher. That’s Dispatch Mastery.

What is the Dispatch Mastery Course?

It is a complete and thorough training program that will transform you from a beginner truck dispatcher into a naturally skilled dispatcher with no experience. The course consists of 33 video modules, live functionality sessions, and a member-only community to swap information with other students and remain accountable. Here’s the rundown of what you will learn:

Module 1: How To Get Started Dispatching

This module will lay the foundation for what it means to be a dispatcher and how to get started dispatching since day one. You will learn the general tasks of being a truck dispatcher, how to create relationships with your drivers, how to prepare for weather delays, and how to create important industry connections. This module is laying a foundation for your dispatching business. You will know what exactly to do since day one.

Module 2: Mastering The Load Board

Module two covers mastering load boards. These are databases that give information about available loads around states. You will be taught how to get, book, and negotiate rates for loads. Additionally, it will show you how to build relationships with shippers and brokers so that you can gain the best possible rate and price for your driver. And all information is presented step by step, logically and in a very understandable fashion. Mastering the load board is key in being able to get races on a load, which is another wasted day if you don’t know how.

Module 3: Running Your Business

In this module, you get a glimpse of dispatching from the beginning to the end. Learn how to confirm drivers, check ELDs, book loads, check rates, communicate with brokers, and most importantly, how to be efficient with your time. The operation should guide you on how to act and handle different scenarios.

Module 4: Managing Your Profits

What separates top trucking companies from the other below-the-line companies? On module four, we break it down to be the science of making maximum profit; you learn how to work smarter, and not harder, suggesting how you up your income by making the right decisions.

Module 5: Industry Hacks

The fifth module is full of trucking industry hacks and secrets that would take you years to know by yourself. Learn how you can run your truck without a trailer, get dedicated lanes, make sure that the loads are in sync with e-logs, and book partial loads. All that is designed to keep you on the cutting edge.

Module 6: How to Start Your Very Own Dispatch Service

Now, in the last module, you will learn how to establish your very own dispatch service and have others work for you. And smarter load booking, because you’ll learn how to clone yourself over and over, which will allow you to pull back a little and really run the business. By the end of this module, you’ll be on your way to becoming a “Load Board Killer.”

Added Bonuses

When you enroll in Dispatch Mastery, you’ll also get access to several other bonuses:

  • Live Q&A Coaching Sessions: Join Alix Burton and Rob Millar as they go live to answer your burning questions.
  • Member-Only Dispatcher Community: Get access to an exclusive Facebook group to network with other members, ask questions, and stay inspired.

Benefits of Working as a Truck Dispatcher

The first massive benefit you get from truck dispatching is that you enjoy the ultimate freedom. You can work from wherever you want, set the hours you work, and basically be your own boss. That would come highly recommended for people who want to spend more time with their families or people who prefer a digital nomad lifestyle.

Income Levels

Dispatching is a really high-income job. Part-time dispatchers average around $1,700 per week, and full-time dispatchers over $3,000 per week. Making a six-figure income with the knowledge you acquire and the strategies learned from the course is absolutely feasible.

Success Stories

In Dispatch Mastery, a lot of students have these success stories. Some of them include:

  • Karimah Connor: “I bought this course in September and it has been the best investment I ever made. If you’re on the fence about getting started – GO FOR IT, you won’t regret it.”
  • Keishaun Harris: “Trust the process, this course is literally foolproof. One week and I’m already in talks with signing my first client. Ain’t no joke! Alix really does know everything about this stuff.”
  • Justin Fennessee: “I’ve been a truck driver since 2020, so this course has blown me away. I’m already on the phone – Alix helped me with my nervousness! No more driving.”
  • Septoria Green: “I would have never made it to where I am in my dispatching business if it wasn’t for this course. Alix, I can’t thank you enough! I’m making more money and have more freedom than I ever have.”

The Value of Dispatch Mastery Course

The masterclass and bonuses hold a total cumulative value of $4,676 but can be accessed for only $697, saving up to $3,979. This is a smart investment toward your future and provides you with access to all course materials, the Facebook group, and live Q&A during a full six months.

Who is Alix Burton?

Alix Burton is the brain behind the Dispatch Mastery course. He is the owner and CEO of Good Energy Worldwide. Faced with a few failures at the beginning of his trucking business, Alix’s power of will and determination to succeed helped him eventually establish a successful business. Today, he shares his knowledge and experience to help others achieve entrepreneurial success in trucking.


This is not just a course; this is the only one you’ll need to succeed in the dispatch business. It’s perfectly designed whether you’re planning to go into a completely different industry or have no clue about trucking. You will be guided step-by-step, empowered with tools and templates, and have an amazing community at your back as you enter an acceleration lane into truck dispatching—lucrative, flexible career.