Become a High Paying Copywriter [2024 Bundle]

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Download the best courses to become a high-paying copywriter.

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#1 Ray Edwards – Copywriting Academy 2.0

According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, only 30% of small businesses will survive.

Of the 70% that fail, 82% fail because of “cash flow issues.”

In other words, they run out of money.

What if I told you there was a skill you can develop that virtually ensures you will never run out of money?

What if this skill could give you the power to create cash flow on demand?

What if you could accomplish this near-magical feat at zero cost… no additional staff, inventory, advertising, or other expenses required?

Well, I have such a skill. And I have taught it to many people. Now I’m willing to teach it to you.

Original Price – $2,970

Course Size – 14.86 GB

#2 Michael Hauge – Hollywood Story Selling

This Is Quite Simply the Most Comprehensive System You’ll Ever Find for BLOWING YOUR AUDIENCES AWAY with Great Stories!

By the time you are done…

  • You’ll have learned the world’s single most powerful marketing skill.
  • You’ll connect more deeply with your readers, viewers, and audiences.
  • Your prospects will see you as an expert—and trust you.
  • You’ll impact potential clients and customers with your words—and you’ll get them to take action.
  • You’ll make more money (a lot more) because your marketing messages will be more emotionally involving and persuasive.
  • You’ll help more people than you can imagine to solve their problems—and find the courage to change their lives.

Original Price – $1,997

Course Size – 26.26 GB

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#3 Heath Wilcock – Madvertorials

What You Get:

  • Over 7+ hours of pure, uncut, unfiltered, unadulterated Heathykins givin’ it to you straight on how he BANGS out winning advertorials. NO HOLDING BACK!
  • Step-by-step on how to write, structure, wire-frame, and deliver advertorials to clients who will turn around and want MORE from you!
  • FREE BONUS! How to get and keep clients that want advertorials! This is me showing you how I “pitch” advertorials to clients… and how you can do the same for more work and more revenue!
  • FREE DOUBLE BONUS! “Write with me!” Where I show you how I write, in real-time, an advertorial from start to finish in just 2 1/2 hours… and that’s me taking my sweet time.
  • FREE TRIPLE BONUS! How I write, structure, and wire-frame ecomm sales pages, which is the next piece of the puzzle you’ll want to connect directly with your winning advertorial!
  • FREE SWIPES! 50 advertorials SWIPES! Everything from lead gen, to ecomm, to finance, to listicles… you name it! (These aren’t “links” either… these you can download and keep forever so you can always have inspiration at your fingertips!)

Price – $997

Course Size – 10.81 GB

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#4 AWAI – How to Write Blogs for Yourself and Clients

According to Internet intelligence firm ResearchNow, 84 percent of Internet buyers — more than 1.7 billion people — make buying decisions based on information they read in blogs.

That means that as a blog-writing expert, you’re being given real power … not to mention serious earning potential.

Whether you decide to write a blog for yourself and make money through affiliate links, partnerships, selling your own products, or all three …

Or you’d rather write blogs for companies in niches you love and be paid handsomely in the form of fees and retainers …

Or both …

Becoming a professional, highly skilled blog writer FIRST is one of the smartest things you can do as a new writer.

And AWAI’s brand-new program How to Write Blogs for Yourself and Clients: A Step-by-Step Guide to Blogging Success has everything you need to be a successful blogger and blog-writing expert.

It shows you how to come up with great writing topics for your blog … how to set up your blog … how to write your blog … how to keep attracting new readers to your blog … and, of course, how to make money from your blog.

Original Price – $495

Course Size – 4.74 GB

Sales Page –

#5 John Carlton – Simple Writing System 2024

Want to discover John Carlton’s proven ad writing system?

The Exact Formula He Has Used to Earn Millions for His Clients (and for Himself)?

Your life changes when you know how to turn simple words into money.

Let’s go…

In a minute, I’ll spill the beans on how anyone – even someone who failed English class can write an ad that sells like crazy. (Hint – it’s because it’s not about the writing.)

  • This is for you if you are a freelancer hoping to get yourself booked solid an entire year in advance… while commanding hefty fees that clients happily pay
  • Or if you’re a business owner or online entrepreneur who wants to open the floodgates of new leads and sales – more than you ever thought possible.

But first, just in case you don’t know me, let me introduce myself:

Hi. This is John Carlton.  The Simple Writing System is my life’s work… in 18 steps.

It’s also the secret I’ve used to bring lavish wealth to me, my clients… as well as thousands of freelancers and high-producing business owners who have wisely taken the time to learn my system.

If you’re not 100% sure who I am…

Over the last 30 years, I’ve created some of the most successful and legendary ads, websites and sales messages in advertising history.

I started with nothing — no mentors, no business experience, no investment capital, and no idea at all how to start.

I figured it all out by making every mistake in the book and learning my lessons the hard way.

My decades-long “school of hard knocks” included working with and for the legendary Gary Halbert, Jay Abraham, and Dan Kennedy…

… and writing ads for some of the world’s largest and most successful direct response marketing companies, including Agora and Rodale.

So when I gained a reputation as one of the hottest advertising writers in the world, it was because I earned it.

And you know what? While I was figuring out how to create famous ads and make people rich through killer sales messages…

 I also discovered a simple way to teach others how to do the same thing for themselves.

For about 20 years now, I’ve been teaching rookies, entrepreneurs and veteran business owners the stunning shortcuts to finally create everything needed to persuade prospects to pay attention to you, and to buy what you offer.

Original Price – $497

Course Size – 17.54 GB

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#6 Jacob McMillen – Copywriter 2049

The only AI copywriting training that teaches you how to combine AI technology AND human genius to become a profitable copywriter in a post-AI world.

Learn the hybrid “cyborg” writing model that leading copywriters, marketers, and business owners are using to write better, faster, and more profitably than ever before.

What you’ll get:

  • The Cyborg Writing Method
  • Advanced ChatGPT Seeding Strategy
  • Interview-Style AI-Writing Techniques

I developed this course to help other writers, marketers, and business owners take advantage of what I’ve learned and leverage AI to reach their goals faster than ever before.

Original Price – $499

Course Size – 9.15 GB

Sales Page –

#7 Alex Cattoni – Write & Ignite Challenge

For years now, people have been hounding me about a rumored collection of all my most infamous, notorious, and (sometimes) legendary ads and direct mail letters…

… that includes detailed stories on how these beasts came to be written (revealing the often-shocking tales behind the hooks, headlines, and strategy)…

… all supposedly stuffed into a single digital package…

… for cheap.

And I’m here to finally admit that it’s all true.

This collection exists, and all the stories revealing how each ad or letter was created are included.

And… yes, it’s so freakin’ inexpensive, it’s kind of embarrassing.

Original Price – $197

Course Size – 7.76 GB

Sales Page –

#8 Lana Sova – Rapid Email Mastery Course

Become a 6-Figure Email Copywriter In As Little As 6 Weeks 

Get Access to the Exact Step-by-Step Process I Used to Master Email Marketing and Copywriting to make $6K/month in 3 Months as A Brand New Copywriter. 

Original Price – $597

Course Size – 8.64 GB

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Price – $8249 $70

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Size – 97.75 GB

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