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The Breakout strategy has been diligently constructed for both novice and experienced traders alike. Feibel Trading expands on the conventional approach to breakouts with the imperative inclusion of trade categorization. Identifying the composition of structural elements offers unique insights into market behavior. Placing emphasis on the understanding, development, and origins of the breakout, inevitably increase the overall odds of success, giving the trader a superior edge.

The course delivers a linear progression for both bullish and bearish scenarios, ultimately leading to complex studies, encouraging the growth and development of key price action skills.

A distinct advantage of breakout strategies is the premise of fractality. Although fractal in nature; the choice use is directed towards higher timeframes, thus an intrinsic component for portfolio enhancement.

Breakout strategies are the most reliable setup found within our methodology offering excellent risk/reward. Case studies include various asset classes from stocks to cryptocurrencies.

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