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Digital Course Academy – The Exact 5 Step Plan To Launch A Profitable Digital Course In Any Industry (And Scale It Into 50-100 Sales A Month) Without A Following, An Email List, Launches And Even If Nobody Knows Who You Are.

Digital Course Academy Will Teach You…

  • How to package up your knowledge and expertise into a highly profitable online course that you can sell for $100’s (In some cases $1000’s). And YES, the right people will pay that!
  • The 3 critical mistake that most people make with their online course that is setting them up to fail before they even launch.
  • ​Our unique strategy for scaling courses from zero to $10k a month in less than 14 days.
  • ​The ‘3 tier structure’ your course must follow before you launch. (This is 10x more important than you sales funnel and/or traffic)

Here’s What’s Included In The Program:

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • The Makeup of a Successful Marketing Campaign
  • Who Do We Target
  • How To Identify A Market For Your Course
  • Understanding Your Customers
  • What To Think About Approaching Course Creation
  • Bringing Your Idea To Life
  • Piecing Together Your Course Content
  • The Membership Area
  • Creating Your Offer
  • Representing Your Course
  • How To Price Your course
  • The Framework To Offering Your Course
  • The Ingredients to Mesmeric Messaging
  • Story Telling
  • Wow Not How
  • Headlines
  • The Vehicle To Sell Your Course
  • Webinar Schedules
  • The 80-20 Of My Funnel Pages
  • Traffic Generation
  • Scripting Your Ads
  • Scaling

Meet Your Instructor

Jon Penberthy is one of the best in the world when it comes to promoting products and services online using simple automated webinar sales funnels.

He was able to go from struggling to get any of his business ideas off the ground to generating almost $7Million in online sales and has helped literally 1,000’s of students all over the world through his events, trainings and coachings.

If you have an idea, an expertise, a business or a service and you are trying to generate customers and clients at will. Jon can not only show you exactly how to do it, he can show you how to do it by utilising automation so you can focus your time on the things you actually enjoy doing.

Price – $497 $10

Delivery – Mega Download Link

Size – 4.95 GB

Release Date – 2021

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