Are you trapped living a life too small?

This Quest is for people who’re dissatisfied with modern goal-setting which leads to so many of us waking up one day in our 40s and beyond wondering what on earth happened to our life. This happens because we often set goals not on what our soul wants us to do, but what society wants us to do.

Forget society.

Listen to your soul.
What If The Path To Your Most Fulfilling Life Has Already Been Written By The Universe?

And all you needed to do was accept it? As per Dr. Michael Beckwith, there are no extra people on this planet. Each and every one of us is born for a special reason, a unique purpose that only we can fulfill.

The best part is — The Universe is always on your side and is constantly working for you to realize your unique purpose.

Still, most people still feel so deeply dissatisfied with where their lives are heading. If it’s heading anywhere at all.
Michael Bernard Beckwith
Why Is It That The More You Gain,
The Less Fulfilled You Feel?

Like most people in the world today, you work, struggle and strive for everything you’ve been told would make for “a happy life.”

You may have even immersed yourself in personal growth and learned how to use tools like traditional ‘visualization’ and ‘manifesting’.

All with the singular goal of realizing your dream.

You may have even achieved your goals.

And by all accounts, you should be… fulfilled.

Yet, you still feel a nagging void that has yet to be filled.

A calling within that you were meant for so much more.

If only you had a way to hear, with complete clarity, what your soul really wanted for you.

If only you could strip away all the societal pressures, our parental expectations, and our cultural norms clouding your judgment, you could finally uncover your true purpose in life.
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The ‘Secret Ingredient’ To Living A Deeply Fulfilled, Purposeful Life

Imagine if you no longer had to struggle to reach your goals in life?

Instead – imagine the right goals that truly sing to your soul finding you? And all you had to do was to accept it?
Image of a rose garden

Think about it this way:

Does a rose seed need to discover that it will grow into a rose?

Or does it simply need to be put into a fertile environment, so its intrinsic nature has the nourishment it needs grow, blossom and express its natural beauty?

You are in fact, no different.

You are the individualized manifestation of that which is eternal and everywhere, a way for the Universe to know itself through you.

And when you are nourished by the right environment, you will also blossom into the divine expression of who you really are.

The Life Visioning Mastery Quest by Dr. Michael Beckwith is designed to help you ascend through the 4 levels of spiritual awareness – each stage sparking profound awakenings as you become more aligned with your true essence.

By the end of the Quest, your life purpose will come into crystal-clear focus so you can truly start manifesting from the soul.

How Dr. Michael Beckwith Inspired Vishen Lakhiani

Dr. Michael Beckwith is one of the most influential spiritual teachers in my life, and in the lives of everyone in the Mindvalley team.

His ideas have helped me personally, and our company, understand that true goals don’t come from listening to the status quo.

They come from listening deeply to our souls.

Other ideas from Michael such as the Four Stages of Consciousness have played a big role in my understanding of the nature of reality. And concepts such as the Law of Resonance have radically shifted the way I view personal growth and the art of manifesting.

For these reasons, Michael has been one of my greatest personal teachers and is heavily featured in my New York Times bestselling book The Code of the Extraordinary Mind.

And I’m so honored to bring him to Mindvalley so I can better help spread this man’s brilliant wisdom to the world.
About Michael Bernard Beckwith

Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith is the founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center, a trans-denominational spiritual community with a congregation of over 9,000 members. He has appeared on Dr. Oz, The Oprah Show, Larry King Live and in his own PBS Special, The Answer Is You, spreading his message to millions of people. He also participated alongside the Dalai Lama and other New Thought Ministers in The Synthesis Dialogues.

Dr. Beckwith is the creator of the Visioning Process, which he teaches all over the globe through his books and seminars. At its core, the process is a way to fully embrace your connection to the divine and let the Universe serve the world through you. Visioning is a wonderful Quest, and we’re delighted to bring you the teachings from this amazing man.

Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

At A-Fest: Live Your Quest, Michael gave 400+ Mindvalley members one of the most memorable and powerful speeches in A-Fest history.

Michael has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Oz, Larry King Live and many other primetime TV shows.

Michael has been one of Vishen’s greatest personal teachers and is heavily featured in his New York Times bestselling book The Code of the Extraordinary Mind.

What You’ll Learn

How The Life Visioning Mastery Will Help You Uncover Your Life Purpose

In the Life Visioning Mastery, you’re going to discover a spiritual framework that transcends any traditional goal-setting method out there, where you can instead operate from a place of pure inspiration. With that, comes complete clarity of what success truly means to you, so you’re no longer influenced by societal expectations and you’re free to craft a life that sings to your soul.

1. Get “Pulled” By A Vision For Your Life
No longer feel burdened to “motivate yourself” to achieve anything because you will be pulled by a powerful desire to create a reality that’s aligned with your soul’s calling.

2. Create Your Own Luck
Once you embrace the model of a “friendly Universe” where the world conspires for your success, you’ll instantly experience a deep sense of calm and certainty that you will always be living your highest purpose.

3. Free Yourself From Any, And All, External Expectations
Become so in tune with your soul’s calling that nothing—whether it’s the media, society, parents, culture, religion, and more—can sway you from living life on your terms.

4. Uncover The Greatest Version Of Yourself
Embrace the great understanding that comes through the Visioning process, and create the ideal conditions for the emergence of your unique gifts, talents, skills, and how the Universe wants to express itself through you.

5. Embrace Your Divine Consciousness
Understand your true, eternal nature as a spiritual being and watch your life unfold with more love, beauty and plentitude.

6. Tap Into Messages From The Universe
Discover advanced spiritual practices that will allow you to accept ‘downloads’ from the Universe and the collective consciousness where all knowledge originates. This will let you go beyond your limited viewpoint and experience creative epiphanies and certainty.

7. Experience “Oneness” For All Forms Of Life
Transcend the harmful ego, so you no longer see a separation between you and the rest of the world, and realize that you are indeed a unique expression of the Universe.

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