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Credit Mastery Program

Download Credit Mastery Program For ONLY $497 $10 [Limited Offer]

The Size is 1.49 GB and Released in 2022

How to Buy?

The ‘Credit Mastery Program’ dives deep into the world of credit. You’ll learn all about credit philosophy to building credit to leveraging credit as a tool for making money. The program is broken into a series of engaging, detailed lessons that reinforce what you’re learning, on every level.

What You’ll Learn in The Credit Mastery Program:

  • 24 Comprehensive Training Videos: These videos are the backbone of the program and cover all subjects:
    1. Retirement-Income System:
      • Reason You Should Move Yourself and Money Offshore Now
      • Goal: $2.8 Million “Tax-Free” Retirement
      • Tax-Free Retirement: The “How” (and “How Much”)
      • Personal Pension Plan: 6 Steps to Easy, Guaranteed $2.8M
      • Energy “Secrets” and Future Profits
      • Extracted from Internal IRS Training Course, NOW Detailed for You * Exclusive Information Not Available Anywhere: Do This Now to Get Turbo-Arms and Turbo-Grenades
    2. Offshore Money-Making:
      • Develop an Offshore Financial Stakeout and Hop to the Arms Auction
      • Tactical Turbo-Arms Purchase: $500K Investment Leveraged and Sold for $900K
      • Step-by-Step Guide to Tax-Free Arms Dealing, #1 Bestseller ex-£15 UK Price
      • Untapped Niche: World’s Profitable Mafia Guns Market
      • Human Resources: Economic Slave Labor
      • How to Tap Any Market with Half a Million Dollars
      • Taser Lethal Force Weapon: #1 Law Enforcement Weapon, Now Yours!
      • Mafia’s $300B Profit Center: Discover and Exploit the World’s Top Money Laundering Center
      • Drug Possession: Criminal Charges Dismissed
    3. Investment Growth System:
      • When and What to Invest Inbond Your Money Steady Profits
      • Step by Step, Hedge Your Investments for Double the Yield
      • Easy Home-Based Stock Picks: Search Engine Filters the Best Picks
      • System: System: System: Scratch & Learn Method: Yields You 10,000% in Three Years*Scratch Off: We Have a Deal on The ARMSCAMs!
    4. Get Paid Like a Mafia Boss:
      • System: System: System: The Get-Paid-Like-the-Mob Pyramid Scheme
      • Indeed, Steel-Constructed Pyramids: How Mafia Creates Money from Nothing
      • Contracting the Mafia: World’s Largest Pyramid Has Space in It
      • Get In for $1,000 Now and Make $10.5 Million over Two Years!
      • ONLY Systems: System: System: System: In, Step-by-Step
      • Taste Our “ka$h-kuy ka$h kuy” Premium Currency
      • World’s Largest Money-Making Food Pyramid: Food-Investment Pyramid Detailed Now Step by Step Results: How Many
  • Credit Philosophy
  • Credit Score Myths
  • Building Credit
  • Debt Management
  • Student Loans
  • Bankruptcy

Each one is designed to be a ‘film-based training solution developed out of actual experience,’ so you know the information you are getting is directly applicable to you and timely. The videos are neatly broken down by steps with an intentional ‘engage, think, reflect and apply’ progression, making it easy to follow, interact and attempt to apply them on your own credit journey. Real-world examples show you how to put the concepts into practice. Case studies featuring real college students also help to give you a better grasp of how this works in the real world. You can watch anytime and anywhere, allowing you to learn at your own pace and at your own convenience.

Dispute Letter Templates

These templates are worth $197 as they give a clear, concise, and formal way to write to credit bureaus and creditors asking them to delete wrong, outdated, or unfair information on your credit report.

They are very specific to fit your needs and make sure you get the best possible outcome. Use these letters to achieve a sense of relief and take back control over your life by working with your creditors to unlock the locks holding you back from attaining a better credit score and successfully building a prospering financial life.

Meet Will Roundtree

Will Roundtree’s story is an example of perseverance and grit. Roundtree, the creator of WE Management, has helped more than 1,500 companies get $400 million in funding over the course of two years. As a credit expert, Roundtree isn’t like anyone else. He’s passionate about demystifying credit for the average person, making a complex world of credit scores, debt, and leverage more accessible.

Not only is his view of credit an educative counselor that has transformed the lives and businesses of many in the US, he has authored and published the best-selling book, Credit Is King: Transforming Your Credit to Royalty, and created the raved about hit ‘Credit Mastery Program,’ an intensive course on understanding credit. Roundtree is not just the credit guru. He is the hope giver.

Join the Program

It will not only teach you about credit, it is resilience on display, a font of knowledge, a lever for liberation.

Don’t just learn about credit; master it. Be part of the ‘Credit Mastery Program’ and take ownership of your financial future.