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Download Ecamm Live Academy for ONLY $199 $15

The Size of the Course is 16.37 GB, and Released in 2024

How to Buy?

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How Thousands of Non-Techies Have Mastered Ecamm Live and Skyrocketed Their Confidence on Camera!

And How In Just One Week, You Can See the Same Results!

Ever watched a livestream and had the thought: I would never do that? Or perhaps you’ve been on one yourself and realized halfway through you hadn’t a clue what you were doing. Or maybe you read an insightful blog on livestreaming and prepared yourself for one of your own. But then it was too technical, the equipment, the set-up… the whole thing.

You’re not alone.

In fact, you’re standing, or sitting, right where many other early adopters of WebTV have stood or sat before you. They felt the exact same frustration, the same confusion as you. But, hey, today, they’re broadcasting live to a growing crowd of Martha Stewart fans, occasionally addressing them as if they were old chums.

How did they do it?

Introducing Ecamm Live Academy with Adrian Salisbury!

Who is This For?

Think again. This is not for nerds or for videophiles. This is for YOU: the person who …

Feels overwhelmed by the tech involved in live streaming.

Is afraid to go live because it feels too daunting.

Sound familiar?

You may be thinking: ‘Yes! That sounds like me!’ And if it does, you are exactly why we started the Ecamm Live Academy.

How Does This Work?

And so we say, here is something technical and hard but we make it simple and win with a 2-part, 1+1=3 solution.

Instant Access to Comprehensive Training:

This training covers EVERY aspect of your purchase, from unboxing your equipment all the way through to crafting sophisticated presentations with our virtual built-in ‘green screen’ to simply presenting and sharing your screen (great for Zoom, too, just in case you end up being furloughed). Just like all my podcasts, this training is broken up into smaller, bite-sized chunks that are easy to digest, even if you have a full-time job that transitions you from quarantine.

How Long Will This Take?

You don’t have to watch it in one sitting: we’ve divided the training into five levels with 18 episodes. This way you can easily bookmark when you need it — and find it. You can totally binge-watch Ecamm Live if you want to; you can probably be done (far ahead of real perfection) in under a week.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

Level 1: Intro to Ecamm – Get comfortable with the dashboard and all its details.

Level 2: Going Live – Learn the ins and outs of live streaming and recording.

Level 3: Interviewing – Master Ecamm’s integrated interview tool with our handy checklists.

Level 4: Sharing Other Devices – Connect your iPhone or iPad for a seamless experience.

Level 5: Advanced Features – Dive deep into Zoom integration, StreamDecks, greenscreens, and more.

What’s Included?

Over 9 hours of video tutorials – the last video training you’ll ever buy for Ecamm.

  • Available instantly
  • Downloadable guides
  • Lifetime updates
  • Suitable for all levels of ability
  • Valued at $199.

Descript Academy: Learn how to use Descript, which is a tool that lets you edit videos like you edit documents in Word. The course contains nearly 4 hours of tutorials, and a 1-month trial. Valued at $99.

Assets/Resources – Here is a huge library of overlays, countdown videos, StreamDeck keys and more to improve your live stream experience. Valued at $99.

An All-Access Ticket to ELA LIVE Event – Join our live event, twice a year, which includes following the training, live Q and A sessions, and gaining inspiration from a supportive online community. Valued at $99.

Ecamm Live Pro for a Year: 25% Off – Get a year’s Pro license for one low price. Enjoy all of Ecamm’s features. Use coupon code below. Offer good for one time only during the event. Limit one per person. PROMO CODE: ELA25OFF

Ecamm Live Academy Mobile: Accessible from anywhere, anytime, on any device with a stable internet connection. Valued at $49.

Hear from Our Satisfied Customers

And, listen to our customers tell their story about how the Ecamm Live Academy has changed the way they live stream.

Connie says:

‘Before that, I was scared of going live – now it’s so easy to understand, thanks to Adrian’s training.’ ‘Now I make sure to go live once or twice a week, and I love it!’

Jim shares:

‘The daily QAs and people in this community, it really changed everything. The ELA LIVE event was amazing. With ELA LIVE, I felt like I was on fire with ELA.’

David adds:

‘I watched all of the course in a week, and it was absolutely staggering. It was pitched at just the right level with the graded levels making it nicely chunked down.’

Who Am I?

Here’s Adrian Salisbury, Director of the Ecamm Live Academy and the guy behind the onboarding videos in Ecamm Live.

I’ve done shows and regular live broadcasts on both Facebook and YouTube with Ecamm Live, held interviews, webinars and support calls, and every time I’ve gone live people have wondered how I do it and don’t seem to have.

At this point, I had lost count of how many people had asked me for advice on creating videos, and I wanted to build this program and the live events so I could take people through the software and help them achieve the same level of professional results.

The Selected Package – Only $199

All that for just $199?!! Everything above for a total of $1141 and today you can get it all for just $199!!! What’s in the package?

  • Ecamm Live Academy ($199)
  • Descript Academy ($99)
  • Resources and Assets ($99)
  • ELA Live Ticket ($99)
  • Ecamm Live Pro Discount ($96)
  • Ecamm Live Academy Mobile ($49)

All for only $199!

Final Thoughts On The Ecamm Academy

You’ll have the know-how and confidence to go live, interact with your audience, and create professional-quality videos that will stand out.

What are you waiting for? Thousands have already taken their live streams to the next level.

Start your training now, and we’ll see you at the next ELA LIVE event!

PS: This is not just a software learning. This is about improving your on-camera confidence, engaging audiences, and delivering content you can be proud of.