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Release Date – 2024

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Discover how Ecamm Live can transform your on-camera presence and boost your confidence – even if you’re not tech-savvy!

In just one week, unlock the full potential of Ecamm Live with our simple training program. Let’s dive in!

WHO IS THIS FOR? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by technology, camera-shy, or unsure how to unleash Ecamm Live’s capabilities, this program is for you. Specifically:

  • Those overwhelmed by the tech
  • Individuals hesitant to go live
  • People eager to maximize Ecamm’s potential

HOW DOES THIS WORK? We’ve designed a straightforward 2-part solution:

  1. Access over 9 hours of video training covering everything from basics to advanced techniques.
  2. Join our 2-week virtual live event, ELA LIVE, where you can engage with the community, participate in Q&A sessions, and practice what you’ve learned.

HOW LONG WILL THIS TAKE? Don’t worry about the 9 hours of content – you don’t have to watch it all at once. The training is divided into manageable levels, and you can progress at your own pace. If you’re eager, you could become an Ecamm master in less than a week by binge-watching one level per day!


  • Ecamm Live Academy training
  • Resources & Assets
  • ELA LIVE (Virtual Live Event)
  • 25% discount on Ecamm Pro License
  • 50% discount on IMPACT
  • Mobile App

WHAT’S INCLUDED? Let’s break it down:

  1. ECAMM LIVE ACADEMY: Dive into over 9 hours of video training, covering everything from basics to advanced features. Available instantly with lifetime updates.
  2. LEVEL-BASED TRAINING: Progress through 5 levels, each building on the previous one, ensuring a smooth learning curve.
  3. DESCRIBT ACADEMY: Master Descript, a revolutionary video editing tool, with nearly 4 hours of tutorials and a 1-month trial.
  4. RESOURCES AND ASSETS: Access countdown videos, overlays, frames, and more to enhance your presentations.
  5. ELA LIVE TICKET: Join our virtual live event, engage with the community, and receive ongoing support.

AVAILABLE ANYTIME ANYWHERE Access the training on any device with an internet connection, including iPhone, Android, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

WHAT CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING Join thousands of satisfied customers who have transformed their on-camera presence with Ecamm Live Academy.

Meet Adrian Salisbury, the founder, and mastermind behind the program. With over 2,000 satisfied customers, Adrian is dedicated to helping you unlock Ecamm Live’s full potential.

Don’t miss out on the next ELA LIVE event starting September 23rd, 2024!


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  • Do I need to attend ELA LIVE?
  • What are the live call timings?
  • How do I get the 25% Ecamm Pro License discount?