This powerful bundle will give you the EXACT tools and skillsets that you need to become a master closer. You are literally learning from the best sales trainers in the world.

Who is this bundle for:

  • Anyone who wants to become a highly persuasive person who consistently gets what he/she wants.
  • New salespeople – These gems will move you years ahead in your sales knowledge. Everyone will wonder where you learned all of your new sales closing skills.
  • Seasoned salespeople and new salespeople – Any seasoned sales pro will tell you they are always on the hunt for new closing techniques, a refresher, and ways to improve themselves.
  • Sales managers – There are many closing techniques in this bundle that your sales reps can start using immediately to increase their sales.
  • Small business owners – This bundle will teach you how to sell your products and services without feeling sleazy. It will also teach you how to charge more for your services.

#1 Jordan Belfort – Straight Line Certification

The Straight Line is the only system in the world that covers every aspect of the sale. What to say, when to say it, and most importantly of all, exactly how to say it, from the first word out of your mouth until you close the sale. 

You’ll learn everything you need to know in the “Main Course” folder. We’ve also included Script Builder where you can learn how to build a powerful script along with examples from various industries.

If you want the entire SLC 4, you can have it.

#2 BowTiedSalesGuy – The Chad Salesman Course

Learn how to sell anything to anybody. You will also learn why you lose deals. Unlike other sales courses, you will learn a completely unconventional and different approach so you can stand out from the pack and crush your quota.

#3 Jeremy Miner – The Ultimate Closers Masterclass

Here’s Just A LITTLE Of What You’ll Discover Inside this Masterclass…

How selling has changed and why traditional techniques no longer work. Once you know this you’ll understand why your current method is not getting it done like you want. No worries, we’ll help you correct this so your sales numbers start moving up.

The real reasons why trust has died. Trust is critical to getting the sale and building the relationship with your prospect. We’ll show you how to authentically build trust which naturally accelerates the sales process and has both you and the prospect on the same page.

Why does your current technique, trigger rejections and objections? Most sales professionals don’t even realize they’re creating their own objections. We’ll show you how to eliminate this from your presentation so the prospect opens up to you quickly.

#4 Eli Wilde – NLP For Sales

During this exclusive 8-week boot camp, learn the concepts Eli Wilde calls NLP for Sales. These are the same concepts Eli used to be the #1 of all time in his industry, producing over $100,000,000 in sales. This training meets you where you are and pushes your skills to new heights.

#5 Ryan Serhant – Sell it like Serhant

You might recognize me from Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York or Sell It Like Serhant. I currently lead the #1 real estate sales team in New York City as ranked by The Wall Street Journal. In 2018 alone, my team went to contract and closed on over $1 BILLION in the most competitive real estate market in the world.

And now I’m sharing WITH YOU all of my sales secrets and all of my tips, tricks, and strategies on how to be the top real estate agent in the world.

#6 Alex Hormozi – Sales Training

We have picked only the sales portion of Gym Launch 2.0

It is focused on helping gym owners sell more memberships but you can use the same system to sell anything.

#7 Grant Cardone – Top 7 Sales Secrets

With over 35 years of sales experience, Grant Cardone is a New York Times best-selling author of five books, a business strategist, a marketing/branding expert, and the leading international sales expert in the world.

#8 Dan Kennedy – Mind Hijacking

Here’s Your Invite To The Most Dangerous Product We’ve Ever Created – Straight From Dan Kennedy

Mind-Hijacking: Advanced, Psychology-Based Persuasion, Manipulation and Influence Control Techniques, For One-To-One Sales, Negotiation, and Presenting

Dear Friend,

If you’re receiving this invitation, it’s a safe bet we already know each other – probably well.

That means you’re hopefully already well aware of my prowess at persuading people to part with large sums of money, pay large fees, ‘pledge allegiance’, and behave like top-value customers and clients.

You may have already heard a lot about this from me already and you’re probably pretty damn good at it yourself too!

I have already revealed a lot of my methods in different places, venues, products, and at various times, but hard as it may be to believe, I’ve held a lot back as well! The sort of stuff that’s too hot to handle for most people. Very specific hijacks and techniques I rely on to virtually erase people’s free will, (without them knowing!) and substitute my control in its place.

If that immediately disturbs you then this offer is not going to be for you, and it would be best if you just stopped reading right now.

However, if this doesn’t disturb or frighten you, then please carry on reading…

I have quietly accumulated and used these Mind-Hijacking techniques personally, privately, in virtually every situation I’ve been in for many years and have banked a whole lot of money. Often people are surprised at themselves over parting with it!

To conclude, you’re buying a course bundle from world-renowned sales experts worth over $11,000 for only $80

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