EQUITY 5000 – Get Your Slice Of The Pie – Discover The Most Lucrative Business Pivot Of 2021 And Get Your Slice Of The Pie!

The Equity 5000 course helps entrepreneurs to get paid what they are actually worth by helping them acquire equity pieces of companies rather than bouncing from client to client with no end in sight.

This is the smartest, easiest, and most lucrative business pivot for digital marketers who value their time and money!

  • Discover how to maximize and leverage your time for the most profits profits possible.
  • Only work with people and projects you absolutely love
  • Free up your life from miserable obligations and things you don’t like doing so you can spend time on your passions.

Course Content

  • Module 1: The Inception
  • Module 2: Laying The Foundation
  • Module 3: Leveraging Status & Fame
  • Module 4: The Perfect Partnership
  • Module 5: Putting The Pieces Together
  • Module 6: Sealing The Deal


  • Niche Famous: Niche Famous has been called the modern day digital version of How To Win Friends & Influence People. In Niche Famous you’ll discover how to get people to know, like, trust and be eager to buy from you.
  • Quick Money Hacks: In the Quick Money Hacks video series, you’ll discover over a dozen ways to scrounge up some quick cash. These videos are short and to the point.

Your Instructor

Aloha, I’m Jason “Profit” Moffatt

I’ve been teaching entrepreneurs how to leverage the power of the internet in unique and out-of-the-box ways for over 16 years. If you desire to get paid what you’re truly worth and want to discover a much easier path for wealth accumulation, I invite you to discover a new path.

Stop chasing clients and ditch the rat race of working so hard for other people. There’s a much easier and more lucrative path to online success and I’m here to show you the way…

Price – 997 $30

Delivery – Mega Download Link

Size – 19.18 GB

Release Date – 2021

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