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Have you ever felt like you’re running on a hamster wheel, constantly moving but getting nowhere? Do you find yourself overwhelmed by tasks, struggling to find clarity and purpose? Imagine waking up every day with a crystal-clear vision of your goals, unshakable confidence, and a productivity level that makes you unstoppable.

Welcome to the Peak Performance Academy

This is a revolutionary 5-week online training program designed to help you unlock your full potential and become the best version of yourself.

The Cost of Mediocrity

Did you know that only 2% of people operate at their full potential? The rest, 98%, are plagued by feelings of being stuck, overwhelmed, and out-of-balance. You might recognize these symptoms in yourself: a lack of clarity, an inability to focus, and a fear of uncertainty. These are not just minor inconveniences; they are the chains holding you back from greatness. How much longer can you afford to let these issues control your life?

The Path to Peak Performance

Eric Partaker, the mastermind behind this program, understands these struggles all too well. He has walked the path from inconsistency and overwhelm to mastery and balance. With a background that includes advising Fortune 50 CEOs at McKinsey & Company, co-building Skype’s multi-billion-dollar success story, and earning accolades like “CEO of the Year” at the 2019 BEF Awards, Eric has not only survived but thrived through major downturns and crises.

Eric’s journey of self-discovery led him to research evidence-based studies in psychology, neuroscience, habit change, leadership, and peak performance. He trained with the High Performance Institute and Professor BJ Fogg at Stanford University’s Behavior Design Lab. This wealth of knowledge forms the backbone of the Peak Performance Academy, ensuring you receive a curriculum grounded in science and proven to deliver results.

What You’ll Achieve

Create Crystal Clarity with Your Goals and Purpose
Gain a profound understanding of your true aspirations and the reasons behind them. This newfound clarity will propel you forward, enabling you to break free from limiting beliefs and achieve your dreams.

Become Laser-Focused and Super-Productive
Learn to prioritize effectively, channeling your energy towards what truly matters. Experience the thrill of personal consistency and accountability, becoming more present and productive in every aspect of your life.

Develop Antifragile Courage and Confidence
Embrace a mindset that thrives under pressure. Transform stress into strength, stepping outside your comfort zone with confidence and resilience. You’ll learn to own your greatness and play to win, no matter the obstacles.

Benefit from an Evidence-Based Curriculum
This program is not based on opinions but on rigorous scientific research. Drawing from studies conducted at Stanford University and insights from over 30,000 peak performers, you’ll receive strategies that are both practical and effective.

The Curriculum

The Peak Performance Academy is structured into six comprehensive modules, each designed for rapid learning and long-term gain:

Module 1: Foundation
Discover a deeper sense of purpose, upgrade your mindset, and identify the blocks to peak performance. Learn what it takes to join the elite 2% who achieve their full potential.

Module 2: Identity
Delve into advanced training to understand the drivers of your behavior. Acquire new mental frameworks and practical tools to excel in work, health, and relationships.

Module 3: Productivity – Planning
Master the art of managing your day, optimizing your sleep, setting energizing goals, and creating clear 90-day plans. Understand the science behind motivation and how to harness it.

Module 4: Productivity – Execution
Stay focused on what matters most. Develop better habits, minimize distractions, and build strong personal accountability.

Module 5: Antifragile Courage
Cultivate courage and confidence. Learn to grow stronger from stress, master your fears, and navigate the unexpected with ease.

Module 6: Mastery
Achieve mastery across the Health, Wealth, and Relationship fronts by applying the lessons from previous modules and integrating new, advanced content.

What Others Are Saying

Stephen Kelly, Ex-CEO Sage, Micro Focus, Chordiant & Chief Operating Officer UK Government
“I’ve experienced greater levels of clarity, focus, and energy in life. As a successful entrepreneur, I thought I had all the bases covered, but now I realize I can reach even higher levels of success and happiness.”

Zeta Hade, Entrepreneur
“Eric’s program shines a light on several areas of my life, many layers deep, which are driving progress in my work – while simultaneously making me more productive, happier, and aligned.”

Olly Richards, CEO
“Eric’s program has been a game-changer for my work and life. I feel like he’s giving me the cheat codes to life. And I can trust these codes will work because I can see him applying them successfully.”

Enrollment Benefits

When you enroll in the Peak Performance Academy, you gain access to the same training and tools Eric provides to his high-profile clients, including entrepreneurs, leaders, CEOs, celebrities, and special forces operatives. Here’s what’s included:

5-Week Online Course
Six on-demand modules with video lessons and worksheets, structured for rapid learning and long-term gain.

Free Copy of The 3 Alarms
Receive a digital copy of Eric’s bestselling book, providing additional insights and strategies to enhance your performance.

Live Supplementary Q&A
Participate in weekly live online sessions for Q&A, where you can address your unique challenges and gain further guidance from Eric.


How much time will the program take?
The program is designed to be manageable even for busy professionals. Each module requires a few hours per week, and you can complete the lessons at your own pace.

Will replays of the live supplementary Q&As be available?
Yes, all live sessions will be recorded and available for replay, so you can catch up at your convenience.

Is everything taught by Eric Partaker personally?
Yes, Eric personally delivers all the lessons and live Q&A sessions, ensuring you receive direct insights from his wealth of experience and knowledge.

Elevate Your Life

  1. Clarity and Purpose: Achieve a profound understanding of your goals and the driving force behind them.
  2. Focus and Productivity: Learn to prioritize and channel your energy effectively, becoming more consistent and present in all you do.
  3. Courage and Confidence: Develop a resilient mindset that transforms stress into strength, empowering you to face challenges head-on.
  4. Scientific Foundations: Benefit from a curriculum grounded in behavioral science and proven by the world’s top performers.
  5. Exclusive Tools and Training: Access the same high-level strategies used by Eric’s elite clients, including video lessons, worksheets, and live Q&A sessions.
  6. Ongoing Support: Receive continuous guidance and support throughout your journey, with opportunities to address personal challenges and gain deeper insights.