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Module 1: The Essential Elements of Google Ads:

  • Understanding the goal of Google Ads.
  • Explaining why businesses should prioritize Google Ads.
  • Differentiating between demand generation and capture generation.
  • Integrating Google Ads into your overall media mix.
  • Exploring the four pillars of Google Ads.
  • Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of Google Ads.

Module 2: Preparing for Google Traffic:

  • Familiarizing yourself with key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Planning your advertising strategy.
  • Setting up conversion tracking.
  • Configuring conversion tracking settings.
  • Understanding attribution models and their importance.
  • Organizing your assets including messaging, images, and videos.
  • Creating remarketing audiences.
  • Exploring different types of targeting options.

Module 3: Search on Google:

  • Targeting the right keywords for your ads.
  • Conducting effective keyword research.
  • Improving ad quality score.
  • Structuring ad groups for better performance.
  • Writing compelling search ad copy.
  • Utilizing search ad extensions.
  • Comparing manual bidding with smart bidding.
  • Building and optimizing search campaigns.
  • Exploring advanced tools and tactics for search advertising.

Module 4: Google Shopping on Google:

  • Overview of Google Merchant Center.
  • Understanding product feeds and their types.
  • Enhancing product listings with product reviews.
  • Leveraging Google Merchant Center for promotions.
  • Setting up bidding strategies for Google Shopping.
  • Building and optimizing Google Shopping campaigns.

Module 5: Max Performance:

  • Understanding the optimization process for Performance Max campaigns.
  • Incorporating Performance Max into your marketing funnel.
  • Creating effective asset groups.
  • Crafting compelling ad copy and assets.
  • Implementing strategies and best practices for Performance Max.
  • Setting up bidding for Performance Max campaigns.

Module 6: YouTube:

  • Utilizing remarketing on YouTube.
  • Building remarketing audiences.
  • Developing effective bidding strategies for YouTube.
  • Setting up and optimizing YouTube remarketing campaigns.
  • Using YouTube for top-of-funnel advertising.
  • Creating top-of-funnel audiences and campaigns.

Module 7: Display and Exploration:

  • Integrating display and discovery into your marketing funnel.
  • Differentiating between Google Display and Google Discovery ads.
  • Exploring various ad types for display and discovery campaigns.
  • Using display and discovery for top-of-funnel advertising.
  • Implementing bid strategies for display and discovery campaigns.
  • Crafting effective messaging and promotions for display ads.

Module 8: Implementing Full-Funnel Marketing With Google:

  • Combining all channels into a cohesive full-funnel marketing strategy.
  • Monitoring portfolio metrics and balancing budgets.
  • Walkthrough of a ROAS-based budget model.
  • Incorporating third-party tracking tools.
  • Using Google Ads to catalyze business growth.