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The academy is 4.01 GB and released in 2024

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Are you a business owner who struggles with tech tools? Perhaps you’re a High Level user overwhelmed by complex builds and malfunctioning snapshots. No matter your situation, the Go High Level Mastery Builder by Nuno Tavares and Andy Klepner has you covered.

Go High Level Mastery Builder is Perfect For:

  • The extreme snapshot shopper tired of unfulfilled promises.
  • Highlevel users seeking better support and coaching.
  • Local business owners intimidated by tech.

This course is your key to mastering Go High Level (GHL) and includes a bonus mentioned in the subject.

Overcoming Common Challenges

Many of us have faced challenges with investments in snapshots that just don’t work together. We often lack support, struggle to onboard new team members, and start from scratch with best practices. Below is an overview of common challenges and the snapshot investments that promise to address them:

  • One-stop solution for comprehensive knowledge support and education.
  • Constant training of new people.
  • Juggling multiple, unprocessed tasks at once.

The Go High Level Mastery Builder

With a decade of coaching and a storied career in GohighLevel training, this course is designed to help you and your team create the ideal snapshot and use it effectively in business strategies.

What You Get:

  • Education: How to create your own snapshots.
  • Support: Ongoing support for smooth functioning.
  • Customization: Tailored snapshots to meet specific needs.
  • Strategy: Apply proven business strategies.

Meet the Experts

  • Nuno Tavares: With over 20 years in executive leadership at a Fortune 500 company and co-founder of a marketing agency that has launched hundreds of websites and marketing campaigns, Nuno is a coach for Highlevel’s top players.
  • Andy Klepner: Originally a software designer who has coded custom sites, Andy co-founded the business with Nuno. He coaches hundreds of clients across multiple Highlevel groups.
  • Matt Deseno: A serial entrepreneur and multi-award-winning marketing executive, Matt teaches at Pepperdine University and helps agency owners triple their profits.
  • Esther Inman: With experience in training 4,000 virtual assistants and managing remote teams, Esther provides expert insights on building, training, and managing successful long-term teams.

Go High Level Mastery Course Breakdown

Part 101: Foundational Skills

Step-by-step modules to set up new clients from scratch in GHL, including:

  • Domain, subdomain, and path setup.
  • Lead Connector and Mailgun email configuration.
  • Calendar sync and integration.
  • Text messaging setup.
  • Team member permissions setup.
  • Social media account integration.
  • Mobile app installation.
  • Payment portal setup.

Part 201: The Local Business Pro Pack

Support for local businesses running booking calendars, client pipelines, and marketing campaigns, covering:

  • Pipeline management.
  • Booking calendar setup.
  • Custom forms and surveys.
  • Lead generation funnels.
  • Advanced automations.
  • Reputation and reviews management.
  • Re-engagement email campaigns.
  • Local citation management for SEO.
  • Social media posting.
  • Debugging local business systems.

Part 301: Deploy and Sell Your Snapshot

Create personalized snapshots and market them to aligned businesses. Learn:

  • Snapshot account creation.
  • Building a sales funnel to sell snapshots.
  • Deploying and updating snapshots.
  • Selling snapshots and finding buyers.

Part 401: Outsourcing & Building a Winning Team

Harness GHL systems to set up for success and create synergy with your team of developers. Includes:

  • Recruiting the right talent.
  • Talent and workflow management.
  • Jump on the GHL train and take your business to new heights.

Additional Bonuses

The Go High Level Mastery Builder course also offers:

  • Master Marketer’s Toolkit: Learn how to create high-demand offers and appear like a 5-star expert with Matt Deseno.
  • 75 minutes of Weekly Office Hours for 3 Months: Live group coaching calls to help you troubleshoot complex GHLs.
  • Google Workspace Masterclass: Boost your business with Google Workspace.
  • Email Deliverability Mastery: Prevent your emails from landing in spam folders and keep a clean list.
  • 2 Hackathons: Hands-on sessions with top coaches configuring your GHL systems on the spot.
  • Admin Certified Notes: Nuno Tavares’ takes on HighLevel Certifications.

Why Choose This Course?

This bootcamp is for everyone, from beginners to experienced developers. It covers:

  • An overview of Go High Level.
  • Real-world tactics and implementation support.
  • Strategies, tactics, and practical applications.

All instructors included in this course are industry leaders with years of experience, making it an excellent asset for your journey through HighLevel.

Enroll Now

Stop struggling with broken snapshots and learn to create and sell your own. The Go High Level Mastery Builder is more than just a course; it’s an investment in the future of your business in the digital ecosystem. Join today and become the GHL pro you were always meant to be. This course is perfect for both beginners and experts in digital marketing. Don’t miss this chance to elevate your expertise and grow your business.