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Week 1: The Mindsets and Behaviors of Success

Success is in your grasp. Know that. In week 1, we’re focusing on sales psychology and understanding what sales is really about and what actually sells. We’ll talk about the musts of personal branding and wrap up with the only 3 things you need to remember when it comes to attracting and closing ideal clients.

Week 2: Introduction to Tools to Support Your Success

You are a force to be reckoned with – but that doesn’t mean you need to do every single thing yourself. In week two, we’ll go over six key technologies that will save you hours per week of administrative nonsense. Then we’ll talk about how to understand your ideal clients in 10 minutes or less and introduce The Wave, your power tool for bringing humanity back into the process of offering your services to potential clients.

Week 3: Secret Weapons for Closing Massive ($10k+) Deals Quickly

This week, we are getting specific on how to get to know prospects quickly and turn it into a massive ($10k+ deal) using The Wave. Then we’re covering how to show that you care about your potential clients and two ways to scope deals that make everyone feel comfortable and ready to go. Finally, we’ll talk about the seven most common client objections you might hear and the 14 most common client red flags to avoid.

Week 4: Closing + Proposals

This is the pivotal moment where we turn prospects into clients. The best part? It’s just a continuation of the comfortable, easy, human way we’ve already talked about selling. You can keep being your amazing, caring self, with no gimmicks required. We’ll cover strategies for ensuring everyone’s time is respected, we’ll talk about the ingredients of a great proposal, and then we’ll talk about how to write proposals that people quickly say YES to.

Week 5: Social Media Marketing, Personal Positioning, and Client Funnel Creation

Alrighty, so you know how to identify problems and become the solution a client needs. But what about attracting them to your door? That’s what this week is all about. We’ll cover 15+ different strategies for getting opportunities to come to you across social media marketing, content marketing, community building, growth hacking, and more. We’ll also talk about supercharging your personal brand so anyone looking for you can easily find you. Then we’ll go over the foundations of creating wildly profitable partnerships that bring ideal to you on a consistent basis with little to no effort.

Week 6: Contracts + Accepting the Right Clients

One of the true secrets to success in independent entrepreneurship, freelancing, and coaching is how you protect your time and energy. When you avoid bad-fit clients, you save time to focus on more profitable clients. When you have strong contracts, you and your clients are more protected. This week, we’re covering how to identify and avoid bad-fit clients, then talking about the 18 clauses you need in your client contracts (with templates and examples!).

By the end of this 6 week program you will have… 

A “full stack” blueprint for attracting ideal clients.

More free time from business assets that save you hours per week.

Confidence that comes from gaining new clients and knowing you have all the tools, templates, resources, and scripts you need to succeed.

A roadmap for complete choice over the clients you work with and the work you do.

Peace of mind because you know you have total control over your business, your earning potential, and your clients.

Price – $950 $30

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Size – 11.08 GB

Release Date – 2022

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