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Business Growth Unlocked By Referrals is A Simple and Effective System

Getting referrals can be a difficult business. Most of us feel a little uncomfortable about the idea of going out and asking for them, assuming that it makes us sound desperate or needy. But what if there were a way to get more referrals, but without the awkwardness of asking for them? That’s the theory that drives Stacey Randall’s Growth By Referrals program, which provides a step-by-step, easy-to-do way to unlock your business potential through referrals. In this article, we’ll explain this program, explain why it works, and reveal to you how it can change your approach to your business growth strategy.

An Overview of Growth By Referrals Course

Growth By Referrals (GBR) is a program that is targeted to people in business who have been in business for more than two years and have at least five referral sources. The program is best for people who are motivated self-starters and would rather not do the asking for referrals all the time. Instead, the program provides a system to put you in the front of your referral sources’ minds, so that you’re encouraged to send more of your clients your way on an organic basis.

Why Traditional Referrals Don’t Work

Traditional referrals often involve some form of constant asking or giving incentives or manipulation. This not only feels awkward, but it can also cause a strain on your relationships with your clients and partners. The GBR program relies on another kind of formula, one that is based in relationship-building and adding value, from which more referrals organically come.

The Growth By Referrals Step-By-Step Instructions

The GBR curriculum contains six steps, and each step is geared to take you from a Referral Ninja Beginner to a Referral Ninja Master. Here’s a more detailed look at each step:

Step 1: Change Your Referral Mindset

The first step is to change the way you approach the subject of getting referrals. Say goodbye to the “always be asking” approach. Embrace a mindset of referrals that’s about relationship-building and over-delivery. This change will free you from the burden of asking and put you on a referral path that’s more natural in its context.

Step 2: Discover Your Referral Sources

You’ll then be taught to understand the two types of referral sources that will become your biggest allies. Using a time-saving template, you’ll be able to quickly determine your top sources, so you can put your attention where it’s going to be most effective.

Step 3: Design Your Year-Long Referral Experience

Staying top-of-mind with your referral sources doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. This step will teach you to set up a year-long strategy that places you in the lives of your sources in a way that counts, and at a fraction of the price.

Step 4: Use Language that Plants Referral Seeds

The language you use can be a potent influence on the way and frequency with which your referral sources think of you. You’ll learn in this step the actual language techniques that condition your sources to unconsciously assist you in marketing your services.

Step 5: Implement Your Plan & Track Your Success

Having a plan is one thing; implementing that plan successfully is quite another. This step gives you all the nitty-gritty instructions you need to assure your plan is put into use. You’ll also learn how to track your success, so you can see the actual, concrete manifestation of your efforts.

Step 6: Unleash Your Referral Explosion

The last step takes everything you’ve learned and makes it even more powerful. By learning to focus your referral experience, you’ll see that you consistently receive more high-quality referrals and close them at a higher rate, resulting in the business growth that can be nothing short of dramatic.

Additional Benefits of Growth By Referrals

There are other benefits to the GBR program beyond the curriculum, however. When you join, you’ll also receive over $6,000 in bonus training and support, including:

  • Scripts and Processes: Learn how to follow up with referral sources and rescue referrals that might be lost with detailed scripts and processes.
  • Referral Thank You Cards: Get a supply of thank you cards and pointers on what to say to ensure ongoing referrals.
  • Private Online Community: Get connected with other GBR members for support, inspiration, and accountability.

The Science Behind the Program

The GBR program is based on psychological theory. It is based on the reasons that people really give referrals, with an emphasis on authenticity, relationship-building, and value-giving. Not only does this feel better, but it works better, as shown by the avalanche of testimonials from satisfied clients.

Success Stories

Many business owners have experienced phenomenal growth through the GBR program. For example:

  • Michelle O’Conner of O’Connor Insurance Associates experienced a 77% increase in accounts, which translated to a 115% increase in new clients from referrals.
  • Mike Eklund of Financial Symmetry saw a 30% increase in referrals after just a short time in the program, with a 70% increase in them at the end of his first year.
  • Stacey Cohen of eXp Realty received the same number of referrals in a quarter that she had received in the entire prior year.

Who Is the GBR Program For?

Growth By Referrals is perfect for those businesses that are already established and ready to take their referral game to the next level. If you’re newer in business, or you have fewer than five referral sources, you are directed to the Referring Machines program. And for those who want a more one-on-one experience, Building a Referable Business includes one-on-one coaching.

Is GBR Right for You?

This isn’t a get-rich-quick program. It will take work and dedication, but the potential payoff is absolutely worth it. It’s designed to be a fit for your busy schedule, with videos, workbooks, and templates to keep you on track. And with unlimited access for one year, you can do the work when it works for you.

The Philosophy Behind Growth By Referrals

The philosophy of Stacey Randall is based on the philosophy that referrals are based upon relationships, and relationships are built upon sustained connections. This is a philosophy that flies in the face of the traditional advice of asking and asking and asking or manipulating situations. Instead, it focuses on organic, genuine interactions that create referrals.


Growth By Referrals is a powerful, fresh answer to the traditional game of referrals. By focusing on relationships and on value, it guides business owners to create referrals without the gut-wrenching work of asking. With a detailed, step-by-step curriculum in conjunction with a lot of support, it’s a program that has the power to change your business growth strategy. If you’re ready to completely change how you get referrals, this may well be the answer that you’re looking for.