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Harmon Brothers University Bundle

Download the Harmon Brothers University Bundle for Only $2149 $20

The Size is 29.63 GB and Published in 2024

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Imagine crafting ads so captivating, so hilarious, and so compelling that they don’t just capture attention—they capture hearts and wallets. Ads that make viewers laugh out loud, hit the share button, and, most importantly, open their wallets.

If you think this kind of advertising magic is out of reach, think again. The Harmon Brothers, the masterminds behind viral hits like Squatty Potty, Purple Mattress, and FiberFix, are ready to pull back the curtain on their secrets. And they’re offering you an unprecedented opportunity to learn directly from them with the HBU Super Bundle.

Four Courses for the Price of One

That’s right. With the HBU Super Bundle, you get lifetime access to four complete courses for the price of one. This isn’t just an offer—it’s a revolution in how you approach ad creation.

Here’s what’s inside the HBU Super Bundle:

  1. 14 Day Script Challenge
  2. Writing Creative Branded Ads
  3. Film & Edit Ads That Sell
  4. Make Your Ads Funny

Each course is packed with actionable insights, proven techniques, and real-world examples that will transform your approach to advertising.

14 Day Script Challenge: Jumpstart Your Sales with a Script That Sells

Imagine having a powerful, sales-driving script ready to go in just 14 days. With daily video lessons, behind-the-scenes access to real client projects, and practical workbook exercises, you’ll be guided step-by-step from research to polished script.

  • Over 30 videos to take you from zero to script in 14 days.
  • 14 workbooks with specific homework assignments and templates.
  • Daily behind-the-scenes access to our process.

This course alone is valued at $346, but it’s just one part of the incredible HBU Super Bundle.

Writing Creative Branded Ads: Everything You Need to Write a “Hero Ad” That Brands and Sells

Learn the art of world-building, creating characters that your customers love, and crafting scripts that not only sell but also build a lasting brand.

  • 25 in-depth video lessons packed with knowledge and examples.
  • 3 downloadable workbooks to take immediate action.
  • Harmon Brothers script template used for our most famous campaigns.
  • Individual feedback from Daniel Harmon and the Harmon Brothers team.
  • Bonus mini-course on conducting a successful writing retreat.

Total value of this course? $10,912. And it’s yours as part of the HBU Super Bundle.

Make Your Ads Funny: Master the Elements of Humor for More Effective Ads

Humor is a powerful tool in advertising, and this course will teach you how to wield it effectively to create ads that people can’t help but share.

  • Over 70 actionable videos explaining comedic tools and techniques.
  • 3 workbooks to strengthen your comedy chops.
  • 700-page joke bank compiled by our lead writer over six years.

This course is valued at $975, but it’s included in the HBU Super Bundle.

Film & Edit Ads That Sell: Bring Your Polished Script to Life

Learn the ins and outs of casting, directing, filming, and editing to ensure your ad not only looks professional but also drives sales.

  • Exclusive bootcamp videos covering every aspect of production.
  • 5 workbooks with prompts and exercises for each phase of your ad.
  • Behind-the-scenes videos showing how our directors and creative team work.
  • Bonus Q&A covering common questions and industry insights.

The total value of this course is $5,593. And yes, it’s all part of the HBU Super Bundle.

When you add up everything included in the HBU Super Bundle, you get a total value of $17,826. But you won’t pay anywhere near that.

Your price today is just $2,149. That’s over $1,000 less than the price of our Writing Creative Branded Ads course alone. This is an incredible deal that won’t last forever. Don’t miss your chance to get everything you need to create ads that brand and sell.

Get Harmon Brothers University Bundle For One Ridiculously Low Price


  • 14 Day Script Writing Challenge ($346 value)
  • Writing Creative Branded Ads Course ($10,912 value)
  • 3 Write Ads That Sell Workbooks ($297 value)
  • Harmon Brothers Script Template ($319 value)
  • How to Conduct a Writing Retreat Series ($197 value)
  • Q&A with Daniel Pre-Recorded ($197 value)
  • Make Your Ads Funny Course ($975 value)
  • 3 Make Your Ads Funny Workbooks ($297 value)
  • 700 Page Joke Bank ($179 value)
  • Film & Edit Ads That Sell Course ($5,593 value)
  • 5 Film & Edit Ads That Sell Workbooks ($297 value)
  • 7 Behind the Scenes Videos ($99 value)

Total Value: $17,826

Your Price: $2,149