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Why Trade Alone? Learn What Really Works From Successful Traders.

The Simpler Trading Team is unlike any other. While most other services offer ‘hypothetical’ trades and theories, we share our actual trading ideas in real time.

Like you, we have our own money on the line. Because we provide instant trade alerts, you can watch on a smartphone or tablet for trade setups, even if you work full-time.

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Release Date – 2020-2022

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Weekly Wires 2022 PRO [$997]

If you’re looking for a way to make a living from trading while also building wealth, this strategy can show you how. Weekly Wires uses a combination of weekly options trades to yield consistent income and account growth.

Now you can learn when to go for big directional gains, when to trade for income, and when to execute a combination of both. Weekly Wires is a powerful strategy to minimize risk and maximize consistent gains.

John Carter, Founder of Simpler Trading, originated this strategy to help him plan for 2.5% gains weekly so he could double his account each year.

Low-risk options strategy designed to double accounts with only minutes each week

This training is designed to help you stack the odds in your favor on every trade.

Weekly Wires is designed to bring in over 120% returns with low-risk option income setups

Profit Recycling 2.0 ELITE Download [$997]

Trading stocks and options requires you the knowledge and skills to develop the optimal strategy setups based on the insightful market analysis, which is packed in Profit Recycling 2.0 Strategy Class Elite Package by Allison Ostrander at Simpler Trading. You can learn how to create a full cycle of stable profit generation which helps you trade with less anxiety but higher earnings.

The New Multi-10X on Steroids Elite Download [$1230]

The 10x trading formula is the proven strategy that provides clear direction into learning simple option setups designed specifically to track big, fast moves in the market.

The 10x Bars Indicator identifies explosive buy setups, implosion sell setups, and avoids “head fakes” within congestion zones of volatile markets. Plus, know when volume is at least 50% above average to identify moves with home run potential.

Use 10x Bars to get in earlier on more, bigger, and faster setups. Trade anything with 10x Bars: Stocks, Futures, Options.

Sam Shames – Ultimate Indicator Bundle Download [$1497]

Get an Adaptive Momentum Edge With the HiLo Pro and TrendOscillator Pro Indicators.

Get Sam’s new and improved “dynamic momentum” tools that let him turn $80k into $320k in only 12 months, for yearly gains of 300%. All traders need an indicator that works in trending and non-trending markets.

Ready Aim Fire Elite Download [$1897]

This “Reversal Pattern” could be the fastest way to grow your account.

When a pullback comes and the bottom falls out, many traders risk getting run over because they don’t know what’s happening. That’s because stocks tend to fall about three times faster than they rise. Sometimes bull markets tend to last so long that many traders only know how to “buy the dip”.

The goal of every successful trader should be to make a living in the markets no matter what is happening, right? The key, then, is to ONLY trade when the time is right.

Learn John Carter’s ‘secret’ behind his $3.3 million metals trade

John Carter, Founder of Simpler Trading, generates record-breaking gains using his precise timing system.

Thanks to having the right strategy and the right tools, John has racked up more 7-figure trades in the past year than in his previous 3 decades, like his recent $3.3 million metals trade (and more than 1,200% account growth overall in 2020).

Strike Zone Strategy 2021 Elite Download [$897]

Learn how Joe engineered an $8k+ gain while he slept.

Most traders struggle when day trading futures because they miss the ‘Strike Zone’ or get caught by fake moves that are computer-generated.

Without simple repeatable setups and precise formulaic entries, they’re unable to limit risk, find trades, and they suffer needless losses instead of reaping big consistent intraday returns.

Micro Futures Formula 2.0 Elite Download [$1197]

Micro futures enable investors to bet against the stock market in general. They are priced to allow regular investors to trade futures in the major market indexes which would have become so costly that only large investors may trade these futures.

During the course Micro Futures Formula 2.0 Elite Package of Simpler Trading, Jack Roberts will teach you how he uses a strong market volatility management technique to safeguard its capital.

You will see precisely how Jack prepares for the following season of the market and how the $4 trade leap Jack started using the same technique with Micro Futures. The course is aimed for traders of all skill levels and is especially suitable for newcomers.

Momentum Crash Course PRO Download [$997]

You will learn how the Coronavirus is impacting the World and how we need to recognize when the shift happens so we can stay on the right side of the markets.

She will show you what does not work any longer and the tools and setups needed to pull money out of the markets during these critical times.

Precision trade timing with three trade setups will help protect your capital during volatile times. You will learn what the key levels are and how an experienced trader identifies momentum and market feel.

Quarterly Profits Formula ELITE [$1597]

In this step-by-step training you’ll discover:

  • Case Study: Danielle’s 75% winner in John Deere (that continuously repeats itself)
  • The secret to Danielle’s most lucrative time to trade
  • How Danielle exploits 3 Earnings patterns every quarter
  • 5 key numbers to know if you’re going to trade Earnings season
  • Each Earning’s quarterly patterns that repeat themselves again, and again (and how to trade them)
  • Case Study: Danielle’s 110% winner in PLTR