This course is an abbreviated edition of the full five-day interrogation course. It includes the most fundamental interrogation, behavior-reading, and confession skills. 

The course itself includes a handbook and after an exam over zoom with Chase, you will be given a certification online through Applied Behavior Research in Interrogation and Interview (level 1). 

Officers and departments can sign up for group rates, and recordings may be made available to officers or personnel who are unable to attend a course.

  • Moving from 10 hours to a confession to 35 minutes
  • Generating trust without the old fashioned tactics
  • Using interrogator behavior to control the environment, and even suspect physiology
  • Identifying deception with much greater accuracy
  • Identifying suspect fear and insecurity before the interrogation
  • Asking questions to target suspect’s personal behaviors
  • Using enhanced methods of language, movement and sound to change mood and behavior
  • ‘Manufacturing’ compliance and honesty in less than 10 minutes
  • Skills to determine hidden motives, concealed intention and deceptive behaviors 
  • The codified system that triggers a ‘need to confess’ in guilty parties
  • The step-by-step formula to build connection and rapport
  • How to modify interrogator appearance and behavior based on the psychological profile of suspects
  • All new methods of verbal and written confession harvesting
  • The exact formula to develop an interrogation plan BEFORE it starts, to ensure success
  • How to gather sensitive information more effectively in conversation
  • The five ways to establish authority in the interrogation room, and the three times using authority will KILL the interrogation

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Release Date – 2019

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