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I’m not a flashy “pick-up artist” or “dating coach.” Instead, I’m a video creator who spends my time engaging with people.

Before becoming a YouTuber, I pursued higher education and worked in various industries.

Over the past four years, I’ve produced over 200 videos, interacting with thousands of individuals for my YouTube channel.

I regularly immerse myself in social settings, initiating conversations with strangers, particularly women. Unlike many other courses out there, which rely on gimmicks and misleading tactics, my focus is on genuine social interaction.

My program aims to enhance your social skills. You can see its effectiveness through the free content I upload on YouTube.

About Jack: I’m Jack Denmo, an entrepreneur, YouTuber, filmmaker, and advocate for self-improvement.

In my free time, I enjoy podcasting and creating satirical videos on YouTube. I’m also a big fan of rock music and outdoor activities, often delving into intriguing topics online.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, I’ve had diverse experiences, working as a tradesman, bartender, forest firefighter, and driller before pursuing business studies.

Transition to Full-Time Content Creation: In 2019, I committed to creating content full-time. I engaged with hundreds of people daily, filming pranks, pickup lines, and interviews across North America.

My videos attracted viewers seeking to boost their confidence and social skills, prompting me to develop a comprehensive course catering to this need.

Course Philosophy: My coaching emphasizes self-improvement, social skills, and effective communication. I believe in enhancing one’s mental, physical, and social well-being, then applying these skills to real-life situations.

When not creating content, I indulge in screenwriting, rock music, and outdoor adventures with friends.

Favorite books include “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss, “Relentless” by Timothy Grover, and “48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene.