Jeremy Miner – The Ultimate Closers MASTERCLASS

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Release Date – 2018

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Here’s Just A LITTLE Of What You’ll Discover Inside My MASTERCLASS…
How selling has changed and why traditional techniques no longer work. Once you know this you’ll understand why your current method is not getting it done like you want. No worries, we’ll help you correct this so your sales numbers start moving up.
The real reasons why trust has died. Trust is critical to getting the sale and building the relationship with your prospect. We’ll show you how to authentically build trust which naturally accelerates the sales process and has both you and the prospect on the same page.
Why your current technique, triggers rejections and objections. Most sales professionals don’t even realize they’re creating their own objections. We’ll show you how to eliminate this from your presentation so the prospect opens up to you quickly.
The right way to call and get the gatekeeper’s unconditional cooperation. Once you know this LITTLE technique and start applying it, you’re going to love connecting with the gatekeeper.
My ONE EASY METHOD on how to immediately engage referrals to set up an appointment, so you can quickly (and consistently)keep your pipeline full of interested an eager prospects.
The best way to connect with your leads when you call them so they’re OPEN to hearing what you have to say and don’t perceive you as the average sales person.
How to effectively follow up with your prospect who’s requested information from you. Using our proven method will SAVE you a ton of time and insure you’re always moving them toward the sale.
Why your enthusiasm is a TOXIC deal breaker, and how to have the correct tone that puts your prospect at ease and allows them to open up to you. Once you start using this method in your selling, you’ll find that it’s MUCH EASIER to build a ‘real’ rapport quickly.
How to instantly DRAW IN YOUR PROSPECTS when you start a demo or presentation. Now, you’ll have their interest and attention right away. Using this method allows you to stand out from the average sales person. This is what the true professionals do, and we’ll show you exactly how to do this.
Four starter phrases that elevate you in your prospects’ eyes, so that you’re NOT viewed as a typical sales person. I call this the ‘Authority Accelerator’ because you become the authority in your prospects eyes… very quickly.
You’ll discover the 2 biggest myths in selling. Once you know this you’ll be able to annihilate sales resistance. Now, you’re able to close more business… faster, while at the same time helping them solve their problem.
How and when to ask correct ‘committing questions’ aka closing questions. Once you know and start applying this… your sales will SKYROCKET!
The difference between traditional sales language vs. 7 figure sales language, and how to use this in your communications with your prospects. This makes ALL the difference in the world and will dramatically accelerate your sales.