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Download People Patterns Mastery for ONLY $997 $20

The Size is 16.1 GB and Released in 2022

How to Buy?

Are you ready to elevate your coaching game to unprecedented heights? Do you wish to possess an almost supernatural ability to understand and influence people?

This is an exclusive online training program designed to impart the secret psychology that only top coaches and influencers know. Crafted by the legendary Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall, it is your gateway to mastering the hidden personality language that drives human behavior.

Discover the Unfair Advantage of People Patterns

For years, Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall has been the go-to mentor for elite coaches like Tony Robbins, Eben Pagan, Jeffrey Gitomer, and Joe Polish. These names might sound familiar because their influence has touched millions. Now, you have the unique opportunity to learn directly from the man who shaped these industry titans.

The Hidden Psychology That Transforms Your Coaching

Once you understand and incorporate these nine People Patterns, you’ll see the world through a new set of perceptual lenses. What you currently perceive as reality is just a fraction of the true influences at play. Here’s what you will gain from this groundbreaking program:

  1. Decode Thought Processes: Understand how people think and how to respond, providing unparalleled communication flexibility.
  2. Ethical Persuasion: Enhance your ability to ethically persuade and influence others almost instantly.
  3. Behavioral Insights: Detect what “makes people tick” within moments of meeting them, even nonverbally.
  4. Body Language Mastery: Read body language to understand what clients are thinking, feeling, or intending.
  5. Motivation Tactics: Motivate yourself and others to take decisive action.
  6. Sales Effectiveness: Boost your sales effectiveness, leading to increased revenue.
  7. Marketing Mastery: Improve online marketing strategies for higher sales conversion.
  8. Coaching Impact: Be a more impactful and effective coach or consultant.
  9. Negotiation Skills: Become a formidable negotiator.
  10. Decision Making: Make better decisions and help your clients do the same.
  11. Relationship Enhancement: Dramatically improve business and personal relationships.

Exclusive Insights

Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall, known as “the expert on experts,” has dedicated his life to understanding what differentiates top performers from the rest. With over 30 years of experience in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Wyatt’s methodologies have been proven to work across various domains, including business, education, and personal development. His proprietary Advanced Behavioral Modeling Technology™ is the cornerstone of this course.

Unparalleled Value in the People Patterns Mastery

What you get:

  • Complete People Patterns Mastery Online Training: 9 modules, over 60 video lessons ($1997 Value)
  • People Patterns Mastery Workbook: Comprehensive exercises and insights ($97 Value)
  • Digital Book – People Pattern Power: An extensive 300+ page guide by Wyatt Woodsmall
  • Monthly Q&A Coaching Sessions: Access to a private Facebook group with lifetime support (Priceless)
  • The 1% Formula: Master coaching techniques used by top coaches ($997 Value)
  • Business Applications of NLP Manual: A newly revised 100-page manual ($997 Value)
  • Live Workshop Recording: Wyatt Woodsmall’s exclusive mastermind session ($1997 Value)
  • 5 Minute Profiling Secrets: Quick-start guide to personality typing (Priceless)
  • Advanced Mental Wealth with NLP: 20 sessions of mindset coaching ($4997 Value)
  • P3 Coaching Certification: Free access to a 2-day virtual workshop with full certification

Real Testimonials from Industry Leaders

“Many of the profound things I’ve learned have come from Wyatt Woodsmall.” – Eben Pagan, Founder of Virtual Coach

“Look to Wyatt to get to your next level. I don’t know anyone else that does what he does.” – Joe Polish, Founder of The Genius Network


Q: Who is this course for? A: It is ideal for coaches, consultants, sales professionals, marketers, and anyone looking to enhance their influence and communication skills.

Q: What makes this course different from other NLP courses? A: Unlike typical NLP courses, this program focuses on the integration of nine specific People Patterns that provide a deeper, more practical understanding of human behavior.

Q: How long will it take to complete the course? A: The course is designed to be self-paced. With over 60 video lessons, you can progress at your own speed. Most participants complete it within 8-12 weeks.

Q: What if I am not satisfied with the course? A: We offer a 100% Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee. If you’re not convinced that the course improves your communication and influence within 14 days, you can get a full refund.

Q: How do the monthly Q&A sessions work? A: These sessions are held in a private Facebook group exclusive to our students. You can ask questions, get feedback, and engage with Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall directly.

Q: Can I apply the techniques immediately? A: Yes! The strategies and insights you gain can be applied immediately to your personal and professional interactions.

Q: Is there any certification provided? A: Yes, upon full payment, you’ll receive access to a 2-day virtual P3 Coaching certification workshop, complete with a license to use the P3 Profile and Assessment with your clients.

Your Path to Unprecedented Influence Begins Now

Don’t miss this chance to be mentored by one of the greatest minds in influence and persuasion. This program is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to unlock the secrets that top coaches and influencers use to achieve remarkable success.